Yu Foods launches Instant Hakka Noodles

Yu Foods launches Instant Hakka Noodles
Photo - Yu Foods

Yu, a consumer foods brand that launched in the Indian market in Oct 2021 with its instant meal bowls, has entered a new product category with the launch of its Instant Hakka Noodles. Hakka Noodles, curated by Yu, comprises steamed noodles, chef-curated sauce, cut veggies/chicken, and chilli oil. The noodles can be prepared in just 5 minutes, and consumers only need a pot for boiling water. The brand has initially launched two flavors

(a) Schezwan Stir Fry

(b) Kung Pao Chicken

They will also be launching their third variant next month.

Given the innovative product offering, Q-commerce delivery platform Blinkit partnered with Yu Foods for an exclusive Pan India brand drop. The products will be exclusively available on the Blinkit platform up to March 12th, 2023, post which they will be available on all other online and offline stores.

As part of this exclusive launch, Yu also conducted a joint event - “Yutopia” in association with Blinkit in a premier Gurgaon Club. Yutopia saw the attendance of over 150 guests, including media houses, bloggers and influencers as well as some loyal customers of Yu Foods.

Staying true to its brand philosophy, the new SKUs are chef-crafted using only naturally recognizable ingredients, ZERO Preservatives, and no MSG. Yu has sold over three million bowls in the past 15 months and is among the fastest-growing D2C brands in the country.

In the words of Bharat Bhalla, founder, Yu Foods, said, “Yu is looking to re-imagine Consumer Foods always keeping Yu - the consumer in mind. All our products are Chef Crafted, that enables today’s consumers to not Compromise on Health, Quality, Taste, Time, or Convenience. We are happy to introduce Instant Hakka Noodles in India, which will allow people to enjoy restaurant-style stir fry noodles in the comfort of their homes in a matter of minutes.”

Varun Kapur, fellow founder, Yu, commented, “Our products have proved popular with the young and the old, and with working professionals and housewives. And it’s because Yu Foods prides itself on giving them great taste as well as nutrition, which is why I believe the newly launched Instant Hakka Noodles-perfect for that comfortable lunch or dinner - will win as much love from our customers as our meal bowls have done.”

Yu makes instant packaged foods using only ingredients that are 100% natural, recognizable, and locally sourced. These nutritious meals contain no artificial ingredients or food substitutes, have zero preservatives, and use no artificial flavor enhancers, all of which separate the brand from its competitors. Thus, every food bowl comes with the guarantee of 100% taste, aroma, and texture and a shelf life of 12 months (at room temperature). Besides, they are easy to prepare, requiring just hot water and less than 5 minutes.

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