Intercont+ successfully shipped Boiled Corn Cobs via multi-modal route

Intercont+ successfully shipped Boiled Corn Cobs via multi-modal route
Photo - Intercont+

India’s trade ties with its long-time ally Russia have deepened since the Ukraine war began. So have complications due to logistical disruptions. Interestingly, Russia alone accounts for approx. $3 billion until January this year, and Ukraine for $427 million worth of goods that are brought in by Indian shipments. With Black Sea route being blocked, shipping lines carrying around 3,000 such containers worth billions of dollars bound for Russia had to make their way back.

Amidst all the chaos, Intercont+ reaffirms the saying, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Intercont+, a pioneer in Indian logistics, based in Mumbai marked a significant event in the history of Indian Maritime, by offering the new Multimodal route to transport a cargo from India to Russia in a short period of time. The shipment was navigated through a sea route from Nhava Sheva to Bandar Abbas and then via the road route to Moscow. The shipment of Boiled Corn Cob from the client, Shiva Sai Exports, was packed at 0 degrees weighing 20 metric tons reached the Moscow, Russia within a stipulated period of 29 days.

This North-South Corridor (INSTC) through Iran for shipping can open a wide passage of opportunities for India, Iran, and Russia and can be considered a strong viable option.

Nishith Shalwala, director of international trade at Intercont+ said, “With the current global unrest, we take pride in helping our client’s business gain momentum even if it means achieving a breakthrough. We have been striving to create a logistical gateway solution via Iran since the past 3 years. Due to the unfortunate conflict conditions, our efforts were accelerated and led us to uncover this pathway which was now needed more than ever. This route from Nhava Sheva to Bandar Abbas and then to Russia and CIS countries with a combination transport method of sea, land and rail, should encourage importers and exporters in India, Russia and CIS countries to expand its use for EXIM cargo transportation.

This will be remembered as a turning point in India's transportation industry. It will further be served as evidence that freight owners prefer using multimodal transport because of their cost-effectiveness and sharper transit times.

We are grateful beyond words to the entire team for making this a success and to our clients for having faith in our expertise throughout. We have new journeys to embark upon, new paths to discover and right now a consignment to successfully ship!”

Sudhakar Reddy, director at Shiva Sai said, "It is said that when a brand delivers the best and valuable service and before the given time, this makes the client beyond satisfied. And in this case, Intercont+ viewed this association as a long-term opportunity and went beyond what was required to achieve client satisfaction. They delivered my consignment with safety, security and quality procedures. This not only opened a wide door of opportunities for Shiva Sai Exports in international markets."

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