Amid plastic ban, GoingZero is ready with its plastic-free & vegan alternative

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GoingZero came into being as an fruition of the ideas of its founder, environment-lover Naman Sharma. Today, his baby idea of a sustainable, vegan, plastic-free marketplace, has grown into an ethical brand, with over a hundred vendors listing and 2000+ mindful products with GoingZero. Recently, it received seed grant and incubation from India's biggest startup ecosystem - iStart backed by Govt. of Rajasthan.

GoingZero's founder Naman says that he was always taken aback with the volume of unnecessary and mindless purchases – from food to lifestyle. Most of these goods volume ended up in the landfills, or polluted the oceans. The actual artisans received minimal income while the big brands made all the profit. There was this gross imbalance of financial distribution as well as the environment. What struck him more was that, all of this could be prevented by a little more mindful economy, transacting ethically and focussing more on the need rather than luxury.

"Animals are certainly not factories, nor are they a testing device," Naman added.

And hence, he put together a team of like-minded people whose goal was to make the environment better in whatever way they could.

All the tasks – including vendor outreach, onboarding, product listing, etc., are done meticulously, so that the brand's ethics are maintained with every product that is listed on the website.

Each product is tested by the team-members personally on a day-to-day basis. This way, meticulous personal level testing paves the way for listing the best products of the eco-conscious vendors.

The brand aims to put this ethical e-commerce in mainstream and popularize it, along with a happy and flexible work culture for its team, for maximum productivity.

Each vendor listed at GoingZero has to comply with their strict rules for product listing, which are – the products should be plastic-free, sustainable, vegan, and have not undergone any form of animal-testing, i.e., they must also be 100% cruelty-free.

GoingZero has expanded its customer base over the past two years, as India's first 100% plastic-free vegan store, and as Naman says, the journey has just started. The brand aims to open up retail and refilling stores in the future where the customers can simply refill their used products in their sustainable containers. The company is also exploring Web 3.0 to bring the next gen e-commerce platform for the future generation.

Based at Jaipur, GoingZero is India's biggest zero waste store with a promise of over 2000 plastic free, vegan and mindful products. Going Zero came into being to provide a conscious, eco-friendly alternative to people who opt for a sustainable lifestyle. With a vision of fair trade with nature, making sustainable products accessible to and promoting handcrafted, cruelty-free products which incur lesser damage to the environment, GoingZero is growing its presence from PAN India to Global.

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