McCain Foods releases 2nd Global Sustainability Report 2020

Together, towards planet-friendly food
McCain Foods releases 2nd Global Sustainability Report 2020
McCain Foods released its Global Sustainability Report with a focus on IndiaPhoto - McCain Foods

In line with the Global Sustainability Strategy and Commitments, McCain released its Global Sustainability Report with a focus on India, for the first time, to track progress across its sustainability pillars for the year 2020. As a leader in the prepared potato industry, McCain Foods has embarked upon a journey to create planet-friendly food that is made with clear commitments to the farmers, communities, environment, and consumers - so that consumers can enjoy great tasting food for generations to come.

McCain India has remained committed to integrating sustainable business practices across its operations for over 22 years. In line with the company's principle of 'Good Ethics is Good Business', the Global Sustainability Report, along with the India chapter, showcases McCain's commitment and actions towards its four focus areas I) Smart & Sustainable Farming II) Resource-Efficient Operations III) Good Food and IV) Thriving Communities.

Commenting on the launch of the Sustainability Report 2020, Vikas Mittal, managing director, India, South East Asia, South Korea, Taiwan at McCain Foods, said, "Our commitment to sustainability is enshrined in our purpose is 'Celebrating real connections through delicious, planet-friendly food'. We believe that building a resilient future and preserving the planet is our collective responsibility. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. It has guided us towards adapting our operations to deliver delicious food sustainably and responsibly. Our 2020 Sustainability Report (Global and India) aims to transparently highlight the interventions and impact created so far across our sustainability priorities. Our humble yet consistent efforts are in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we will continue to make concerted efforts towards building a more resilient future for generations to come."

Photo - McCain Foods

As the challenges posed by climate change become more acute, the global food system needs to transform significantly. It needs to do so to feed a growing population while reducing its impact on nature. Over the years, McCain food has been successfully driving new sustainable farming models across the globe while reducing environmental footprints. Even in India, the key goal is to reduce the impact on the land through four pillars:

Smart and sustainable farming

Innovative practices aim to improve agricultural resource efficiency by partnering with farmers for water usage efficiency and educating farmers on various farm operating practices like regenerative agriculture.

Resource-efficient operations

Food is produced through natural resources, mainly energy, water, and sustainably farmed potatoes. The company aims to pave the way for building a low carbon economy by reducing Co2 emissions, zero waste to landfill, encouraging renewable energy, and efficient use of water resources.

Good food

Improving the nutritional profile of the products while continuing to offer new, healthier choices.

Thriving communities

Committed to building long-term, trusted connections with the growers, communities, and employees. The company intends to create sustainable livelihoods and maintain them through the competitiveness, resilience, and long-term development of these communities.

Covid Response

Further, to help affected communities in need, McCain provided more than 1,300 families with essential food items and distributed more than 12,000 masks. These masks were produced by beneficiaries of the company's community programs. A sum of Rs 10 lakh was also contributed by McCain and its employees to state and national relief funds.

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