SIG signs major new partnership with WWF Switzerland to support thriving forests

SIG CEO, Samuel Sigrist (right) met with WWF Switzerland CEO, Thomas Vellacott, to sign a major new partnership to help protect, sustainably manage and restore forests globally.
SIG CEO, Samuel Sigrist (right) met with WWF Switzerland CEO, Thomas Vellacott, to sign a major new partnership to help protect, sustainably manage and restore forests globally.Esther Michel

SIG has joined forces with WWF to help build resilient forest ecosystems globally by strengthening and expanding sustainable forest management, protection, and landscape restoration.

“For more than a decade, SIG has led the industry in driving progress on sustainable forest management through Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ) certification,” said Samuel Sigrist, chief executive officer, SIG. “This exciting new partnership with WWF Switzerland will help us create further positive impact by protecting and restoring more forests and showing the way for others to contribute to thriving forest ecosystems.”

Leading the industry

Since 2021, SIG is the first carton producer to purchase only FSC-certified paperboard, which sets high standards for sustainable forest management practices that support biodiversity and communities.

Now, as a step toward its ambition to go Way Beyond Good for people and the planet, under this five-year partnership with WWF Switzerland SIG will directly invest in field projects designed to protect and restore thousands of hectares of forests, as well as to engage with suppliers, customers, and others to enhance the industry’s wider commitment to sustainable forestry.

Through the partnership, SIG is joining WWF's Forests Forward program, which brings together businesses, local communities, and other key forest stakeholders to transform the way forests are valued, managed, protected, and restored for the benefit of nature, people, and climate.

“SIG’s strong commitment to thriving forests aligns well with our Forests Forward vision,” said Thomas Vellacott, chief executive officer, WWF Switzerland. “Our new partnership will enable us to work together to deliver targeted support for at-risk forests in biodiversity hotspots and deforestation fronts. These projects will help forests thrive, together with the wildlife and people who depend on them.”

First flagship project

Projects undertaken through WWF’s Forests Forward program focus on landscapes where action is most needed to protect, sustainably manage, and restore priority forested landscapes.

The first joint project for SIG and WWF will help to secure a landscape in Mexico that serves as a critical jaguar habitat. The project includes improved forest management of 100,000 hectares and restoration of a further 750 hectares of forest. It covers the Central Pacific Jaguar Landscape located in the Western coastal region of Mexico. Due to their large habitat demands, conserving the jaguars will help to secure vast territories in the Central Pacific Landscape that are at risk of being lost. These territories are vital for the provision of ecosystem services to local people, including maintaining productive food supplies and habitable weather conditions.

Projects like this one will support SIG’s Forest+ ambition to support the creation, restoration, or improved management of 650,000 additional hectares of thriving forests, an area equivalent to what’s required to make our cartons.

Vandana Tandon, Country Manager at SIG Combibloc India Private Limited expressed, "From sourcing and manufacturing to our innovation and recycling processes, sustainability and environmental conservation have always been a core part of SIG's ethos, at every stage. Hence, this partnership with WWF opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to giving back, and furthering our commitment towards forest management and ecosystem conservation."

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