Digivriddhi Technologies launches DGV CONNECT

An integrated dairy marketplace with embedded finance options for cattle discovery and trade
Digivriddhi Technologies launches DGV CONNECT
Photo - DGV

Digivriddhi Technologies (DGV), India’s first integrated dairy fintech and marketplace platform has recently launched Bovine discovery platform - DGV Connect. A one-stop shop for dairy farmers, DGV Connect creates a connection among buyer and seller and offers embedded finance options for facilitating digital cattle loans and insurance.

India's livestock population has expanded from 512.06 million in 2012 to 535.82 million in 2019, representing a 4.6% increase over the last census with an annual growth rate of 0.66%. DGV aims to overcome many hurdles in the sector which are being faced, right from lack of cattle loan options, ambiguity of healthy cattle, ignorance towards authenticity of cattle breed to over dependence on brokers and cattle fairs as well as buying and selling cattle. Encompassing everything from veterinary services to greenery, cattle vaccines, and dairy farming equipment for the long run, DGV Connect is a solution driven platform for farmers to expand their horizons with regards to cattle selections.

Paired with distinguished pillars of authenticity, accessibility, dependability, and availability, DGV Connect further cements the vision of the integrated marketplace to digitalize the dairy value chain. Boon to both sellers and buyers, the gaps of brokerage, standardised process of cattle discovery, finances, cattle medications and examinations are bridged through the platform.

Bovine rearers can use DGV Connect to sell their cattle by uploading pictures and entering details such as the day's milk yield and breed after which potential buyers will respond to contact the seller. The application captures crucial details about the cattle’s that a buyer takes into consideration even in the offline world, before deciding to make a purchase. Interested buyers can use the app to set filters such as distance, breed, price, yield, to name a few and access a list of cattle for sale in respective areas based on their requirement.

Commenting on the launch of the app, Ragavan Venkatesan, founder, managing director and chief executive officer, Digivriddhi Technologies (DGV) shares, “It is an integrated digital marketplace connecting buyers and sellers and replicating the offline world on a digital canvas. Buyers will have the flexibility to opt for embedded finance options such as digital bovine loans allowing them a complete digital, paperless, hassle free access to capital with minimal turnaround time.”

“The sellers on the other hand will have access to quality buyers and over the period of time will also have access to digital working capital loans enhancing their capacity to list higher numbers. While India’s bovine population is the highest in the world, the yield per cattle is lower. Our marketplace overtime will provide more categories which will help increasing the yield per cattle by providing veterinary services to greenery, cattle vaccines, and dairy farming equipment for the long run,” he further added.

With embedded finance options and loan end use check, door to door assistance by Paravets or Artificial Insemination (AI) workers, the platform is a conscious effort by DGV to establish a connection between cattle buyers and sellers, aiding them to eliminate middlemen, save time and choose from a vast range of indigenous cattle breeds.

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