Enjoy a sip of fresh air - Watergen brings Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) technology to create ‘Water from Air’!

The company uses Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) technology in India to create fresh, clean, and safe drinking water from the air
Enjoy a sip of fresh air - Watergen brings Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) technology to create ‘Water from Air’!
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Watergen is a pioneering Israeli company that has become the global leader in the atmospheric drinking water devices market, with machines that create drinking water from the air. Watergen’s innovative technology taps into the atmosphere – an unlimited, freely-available resource – to create fresh, clean, and safe drinking water for people everywhere, from the most remote rural village communities to commercial office buildings to homes with its wide range of products creating water from up to 30 liters to up to 6,000 liters of high-quality mineralized drinking water per day. Watergen’s ‘Water from Air’ technology is sustainable, convenient & cost-effective. The best solution to the pressing issue of drinking water scarcity in any location.

India is one of the most waters stressed countries in the world. Watergen considers India as its key strategic country where it can help in making fresh, clean, and safe water accessible to millions. With this objective, Watergen started operating in India by having a joint venture with SMV Jaipuria group in 2022.

GENius - Watergen Patented Technology

At the heart of Watergen’s products lies the unique, patented GENius heat exchange technology. It works similarly to the condensation process that creates rain from clouds. Watergen uses the humidity in the air to create fresh, clean, and safe drinking water – energy efficiently.

Watergen's technology creates water by purifying the air first and then moving quickly into the patented GENius system in a significantly short amount of time, ensuring greater efficiency and consuming less energy in the process.

It offers a highly scalable, customizable, and off-grid drinking water solution for a wide range of requirements. Using this technology, Watergen can sustainably solve drinking water problems at all kinds of places – homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, industries, residential buildings, and even remote rural areas.

Photo- Watergen

Product Range

Watergen offers a wide range of drinking water solutions.

·       GENNY- Up to 30 liters/day

·       GEN-M1- Up to 220 liters/day

·       GEN-M-Pro Up to 900 liters/day

·       GEN-L- Up to 6000 liters/day

Meet GENNY- The home and office drinking water solution

GENNY is an innovative water-from-air device that guarantees a steady supply of great-tasting water created from humidity in the air. The water goes through a unique filtration system using Watergen’s patented technology so that the water always tastes great and is bacteria-free. It comes with a user-friendly support app for GENNY’s maintenance and support. The product offers a lot of benefits such as

High-quality drinking water- Fresh, clean and safe drinking water from the air

Convenience, hot and cold water- No need to order ahead or store water

Standards Compliance- Complies with international water purification standards

Unique and innovative-Patented heat-exchange technology

Plug and Drink-No infrastructure or piping required

People in various places across India have been struggling and risking their lives to get access to water to drink. A study published by Science.org has revealed that large swaths of northwestern and southern India will have “critically low groundwater availability” by 2025. Watergen has devoted its proprietary innovation to the mission of solving the drinking water crisis.

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