Kosme Barifill Canto: a multipurpose filler for bottles and cans

The Barifill Canto can process glass and PET bottles as well as cans on a single filler.
The Barifill Canto can process glass and PET bottles as well as cans on a single filler.Photo - Krones

The Barifill Canto is the only filler offered by the Krones Group that can handle glass, PET bottles, and cans on a single machine. Italian subsidiary Kosme is responsible for its development, construction, and installation.

Thanks to the multipurpose filling valve, it fills beer, CSDs, sparkling water, and sparkling wines in a variety of can types and sizes plus PET containers and glass bottles – the latter including both classic wine bottles and the long-neck bottles used for beer and CSDs. That allows smaller craft breweries and wineries the greatest possible flexibility in container choice without requiring them to invest in three different filling machines.

To keep the footprint as small as possible, the respective cappers and seamer are integrated directly into the filler. For cans, that’s a Krones Modulseam, for glass bottles a Kosme crowner. As an option, the machine can likewise be equipped to handle plastic screw caps for PET containers as well as aluminum roll-on caps or corks. On the filler as well as the capper(s) and seamer, all parts that encounter the product are made of stainless steel, enabling reliable cleaning, and ensuring their longevity.

The Barifill Canto’s output range is every bit as customizable as the applications it can serve: Depending on the product and the machine configuration, it can handle outputs as high as 16,300 cans and 17,000 bottles per hour.

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