Piab’s new egg suction cup ECX36 increases productivity of egg-handling processes

Piab’s new egg suction cup ECX36 increases productivity of egg-handling processes
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When handling eggs, a safe firm grip to avoid dropping items is mandatory. This has so far been the limitation of high-speed egg automation processes. With Piab’s new stable egg suction cup, you can fast-track your process while saving energy.

Piab’s new ECX36 egg suction cup, with its stable design and multistage actuation, provides easy control over the product release. Hence it reduces the risk of damaging eggs in the process impressively thus enabling high-speed applications in egg handling.

Thanks to the low vacuum required in the operation, energy is saved – a growing necessity to lower costs and ensure environmentally friendly production. As a result of this firm but the gentle yet safe gripping process, egg cracking can be reduced during the handling process. This lowers the necessity of cleaning and hence machine downtimes.

Should the cleaning of the egg suction cup be needed after all, this can be done easily in situ. Furthermore, the ECX36 is long-term resistant to detergents, and the ultrasonic cleaning as well as FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, EU 1935/2004, and EU 2023/2006 regulations compliant.

Main customer benefits

  • Enables high-speed applications based on its stable design with multistage actuation

  • Allows energy efficient processes as only a low vacuum level is needed

  • Easy in situ cleaning paired with long-term resistance to detergents and ultrasonic cleaning.

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