SenRa and Cranberry analytics partner to digitize Panaji smart city water supply

SenRa and Cranberry analytics partner to digitize Panaji smart city water supply
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SenRa, a PAN-India LoRaWAN public network operator, today announces that Cranberry Analytics, a water management company based in India, has chosen to use SenRa's public LoRaWAN network for their upcoming smart water metering project in Goa. Recently, India's Panaji PWD awarded its smart water metering contract to Cranberry Analytics with an initial phase of replacing 3,094 consumer-grade mechanical water meters with LoRaWAN-enabled ultrasonic smart water meters. In support of this project, SenRa will be deploying its public network across Panaji to enable the streaming of the smart water meter data.

"Having worked on multiple such projects in the past ten years, both with mechanical water meters and smart devices, we understand the nuances of this technology spectrum and how critical it is to have a stable and reliable network partner for the success of such projects. Since SenRa is one of few network providers in India, which has worked on LoRaWAN-related products extensively. And has a good presence in the region, we have chosen to partner with them for this project," said Shishir Thakur, chief technology officer, Cranberry Analytics.

Cranberry Analytics' smart water metering solution provides a more sustainable approach to managing water supply and distribution by analyzing water consumption data daily to detect anomalies in water distribution and consumption. Through correlation of that data with other data streams, they help cities in effectively planning water distribution, mitigation of water wastage (NRW), and to improve consumer billing.

"Assuring a regular and long-term supply of potable water to Indian households requires constant monitoring of service level indicators," said Kush Mishra, chief technology officer, and chief operating officer, SenRa. "We are excited to partner with Cranberry Analytics and utilize our expertise in LoRaWAN-based metering systems to solve this problem with reliable LoRaWAN network services."

The Panaji Smart City project is the latest in a slew of metering projects which SenRa is actively supporting to improve water sustainability in India. SenRa's commercial-grade public network is currently connecting tens of thousands of smart meters in smart cities, smart societies, and industrial facilities across India.

In addition to SenRa's progress in the Indian market, SenRa has seen an increase in demand for LoRaWAN network services and solutions in the MEASEA region focused on environmental and sustainability efforts. SenRa exhibited at the GITEX Technology Week 2022 from 10 to 14 October 2022, at Dubai World Trade Center (Stand H6A-6) in hopes of further expanding discussions around sustainability and demonstrating how LoRaWAN can help with those efforts. SenRa has recently launched an Internet of Things (IoT) network planning and survey software, Netsy, which is designed to support LoRaWAN deployments for both public and private networks. 

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