Study reveals Kerry’s Upcycled Cheese Powders 45% lower in greenhouse gas

Study reveals Kerry’s Upcycled Cheese Powders 45% lower in greenhouse gas
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A new study commissioned by Kerry, a world leader in taste and nutrition, demonstrates that upcycled cheese powder delivers impressive environmental benefits, without compromising on taste. The product carbon footprint (PCF) shows that upcycled cheese powders are 45% lower in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to standard cheese powder – and reduce food waste. 

The capability to avoid GHG emissions presents a significant opportunity for food companies who wish to improve their product’s sustainability positioning and reduce scope three carbon emissions, while still creating great-tasting products.

The key findings from the PCF are:

  • Cheese waste occurs across the industry due to manufacturing constraints, spoilage, and supply chain limitations

  • Kerry upcycles this cheese and transforms it into high-quality, great-tasting cheese powders. This avoids additional cheese production, saving further energy and emissions

  • 10,000kg of Kerry’s upcycled cheese powder helps avoid 11,856kg of cheese waste and 55,586kg of CO2e. This is equivalent to 312 wheels of parmesan cheese

  • Kerry's upcycled cheese powders can help brands avoid GHG emissions when utilized in finished products across a range of categories

Carmel Collins, global portfolio director of dairy taste for Kerry, said, “Cheese is wasted throughout the supply chain across the industry. At Kerry, due to our novel sourcing model, scientific skillset, and technical capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to upcycle this cheese into delicious, high-quality, and shelf-stable cheese powders that deliver an authentic cheese taste. By doing this, we are maximizing the potential of the food source and the resource it takes to manufacture the cheese in the first place, whilst simultaneously minimizing food waste.

“The PCF clearly shows that our cheese powders deliver lower carbon solutions for our customers’ products. This is a great attraction for consumers seeking upcycled products that are better for the environment while still tasting great.”

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