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Meet manufacturer and exporter of bread, biscuit, rusk, cake, cookies and much more at ANUFOOD India
House of Veda
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Ludhiana-based Bonn Group of Industries started sensing the need for good and high-quality bakery products. In India, bakeries' products like bread and biscuits were considered an extra expense and suitable for the affluent class. Bonn changed this perception by launching an affordable and healthy range of products so everyone could afford them. Set in the wheat basket of India, Bonn uses the best quality wheat for its products.

Amrinder Singh, director of Bonn Group of industries, joined the family business at the young age of 25 and has been able to transform the over three-decade-old bakery through his sharp business acumen and innovative marketing strategies. The brand needs no introduction today as it has undergone a considerable transformation and is synonymous with quality bakery products, especially in North India.

Singh joined the family business with a vision to bring a fresh, youthful perspective to the brand, and he has successfully been able to do so. Under his leadership, Bonn launched a youth-oriented portfolio comprising Americana Biscuits, La Americana Gourmet, and House of Veda to fulfill the needs of conscious consumers.

Besides the domestic market, Bonn has gradually been expanding across continents. Its products are now being distributed to the UK, the US, Australia, Africa, the Gulf, the UAE, and the Netherlands.

Belief in constant product innovation and R&D

According to Singh, Bonn has a robust R&D process and meetings on the Customer Quality Index (CQI). "We have a separate R&D department that works for the company's long-term profitability," he says.

He strongly believes in "Constant product innovation" and adapting to consumers' evolving tastes in their quest for a greener and healthier lifestyle. He adds, "All new products of the Group essentially focus on two aspects — Health and Taste. Considerable investment and attention now go into product innovation-seeking these two parameters."

Marching on in the face of unprecedented crises

According to Singh, the pandemic played a spoilsport across sectors and the Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry also bore the brunt of an unprecedented crisis.

He shares Bonn's strategies to overcome the same, "We made changes in our business strategies from sales and marketing to distribution and retail. Amid lockdowns and restrictions during the first and second waves of the pandemic, the traditional modes of business witnessed some disruption, so we focused on e-commerce to continue amid all doom and gloom. We also took to phygital or omnichannel distribution for uninterrupted sales as demand for bakery and packaged products surged during the pandemic."

He adds, "While some companies saw their business threatened by the pandemic, we always looked at the brighter side of things and transformed our operations to match the current needs. As companies still struggle to become stable, we have transformed ourselves completely, with our plans ready for any contingencies in the future."

At Annapoorna-ANUFOOD India 2022

The Bonn Group is eager to participate in the upcoming trade show ANUFOOD. On display would be the company's wide range of products such as Bakery (Bonn & LA Americana), Biscuits (Bonn & Americana), Millets (House of Veda), Infusions (House of Veda), Organic sweeteners (House of Veda) as well as Organic herbal juices (House of Veda).

While expressing how the event will help them achieve their business goals, Singh says, "ANUFOOD will give us an opportunity to meet our potential consumers and business partners. And besides, this also allows us to introduce our wide product range." The team at Bonn Group expects a good number of business partners and consumers' footfall, domestic and international, for its domestic and international brands.

Future insights

Regarding Bonn's plans, Singh shares, "We would like to establish our company as the pioneer of healthy and tasty food products in India. We want Bonn to be a leader in high-quality food products at the national and international levels.

"We want the world to be hunger-free, use more organic food, and be disease-free. At the same time, we expect manifold growth in the next ten years," she wraps up.

Shake hands with the Bonn Group team, have a word about advancements in the field of F&B, or gain potential business, all at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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