Build your spice brand with us at Shubh Food Industries

Shubh Food Industries offer private labeling to new start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.
Build your spice brand with us at Shubh Food Industries

Incorporated in business back in 1998, Shubh Food Industries is a reputable company. The founder & chief managing director Gaurav Gambhir has expanded the brand to manufacturing, supplying, private labeling & exporting a quality-approved range of hing powder, kabuli hing, instant masalas, ground spice powders, masalas & also seasoning, blended masala mixes for snack/namkeen manufacturers.

When modern trade began to operate in India in the 2000s Gambhir took the initiative of diving into the unknown waters and exploring the horizon of marketing and then developed the idea of private labeling. No sooner it reached all marks of success. With this, the company started making spices in 2020 and seasoning in April 2022. And is now an expanded family of over 100+ employees.

Offering regional flavors

Gambhir shares, “We make an effort to offer our customers unique flavors and spices. In terms of spices, we offer solutions for every tastebud and have wide other varieties from Maharashtra, Punjab, and Gujarat, providing young people with more choices. Along with manufacturing asafoetida, seasoning, and spices, we also offer customized design and packaging.”

Shubh Food Industries at Anufood

Shubh Foods has been a persistent participant in the ANUFOOD exhibition since its inception. The company was proud to share that they were also the silver sponsors of the event. And the line yard was sponsored by them. VIP Kits were distributed to many exhibitors participating in spin the wheel, organized by the ANUFOOD team. “I was pleased to exchange words with government officials to discuss the food industry. Also, the prominent Chef Harpal Singh visited our stall. It was an honor for Team Shubh Foods when the Ministry of Food Processing, Prahlad Singh Patel, visited our stall and got to know about our business and offerings,” Gambhir shares.

Elaborating on their experience at ANUFOOD, Gambhir says, “We got approximately 2,896 inquiries generated in 3 days and experienced only relevant inquiries. There were a lot of opportunities for strategic partnerships with brands present there. Also, the government bodies present at the event could get a lot of data from them. Overall, it was an exhibition with like-minded people coming together and discussing similar ideations and thoughts, which would not be possible online.”

“We also saw a lot of startups coming up with newer concepts in food and many of them aspire to be entrepreneurs. Therefore, we would like to say that if you want to build your brand in asafoetida seasoning and spice, then come start private labeling with us,” Gambhir wraps up.

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