Dive into Gourmet deliciousness with Urban Platter at ANUFOOD India

Visit Urban Platter's stall to indulge in the gourmet goodness of plant-based ingredients with a catalog of more than 1500 products
Dive into Gourmet deliciousness with Urban Platter at ANUFOOD India

Urban Platter was started in 2015 to build a world-class food business emphasizing accountability, honesty, and quality. Kamlesh Solanki, manager- imports & partnerships, Urban Platter, recalls, "We were quick to realize that the discerning customer will eventually want a high-quality, origin-centric product that delights them, and the onset of marketplaces meant new brands and distribution opportunities in front of them."

"Keeping this keynote in mind, we started by selling a wide range of 3rd party brands and eventually steered our focus to private-label, Urban Platter branded products where we could offer the best selection, quality, and value to our customers. Today we are one of India's largest gourmet food ingredients brands that provide consumers with a wide array of Plant-Based ingredients with a catalog of more than 1500 products."

Innovating its ways to success

Urban Platter, as a brand, follows a simple policy of bringing the best quality, consistency, and value from around the world to its customer table. Solanki explains, "Our team travels and works with suppliers from around the world searching for products we think are exceptional and will find a following among our customers. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous internal validation of sensory and experience aspects."

"When you celebrate food and put soul in your recipe, is when we celebrate our success. Our basis of R&D and innovation is solving consumer problems. We try to fill in the blanks with products that our consumers desire and work on aspects like taste, quality, value, and the most important thing - simply good food."

Keeping up with trends

Solanki believes that the F&B industry has seen a 360-degree overhaul after the recent catastrophe that hit the world. Everyone, including food business operators, focuses on clean, sustainable, healthy food options.

He adds, "With the increase in consumer demand for food that tastes good, keeps you healthy, and offers great value; food business operators such as ourselves see a very challenging yet promising future to serve our consumers better. Trends such as going Plant-based, eating Clean and no processed foods, eating foods that contain healthy fats, and many more are currently being practiced by consumers. Food manufacturers, food business operators, and everyone involved in the F&B must adhere to such trends and mindfully innovate and sail through this revolution that we're experiencing currently to be relevant and serve the consumers better."

Urban Platter at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

Urban Platter is participating in Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India 2022. The company is exhibiting gourmet food ingredients worldwide and culinary specialty ingredients. With these, they are displaying snacking options, dairy alternatives, and plant-based alternatives to sauces, dips, pastes, etc. Not to forget the exotic nuts and dried fruits that are an integral part of the culture. Overall, Urban Platter will showcase 150-250 unique products that show its strength and capabilities.

Solanki comments on their participation and expectation from ANUFOOD, "Platforms like ANUFOOD help us create awareness about the brand. A lot of discovery happens when people, other FBOs, distributors, retailers, and consumers visit us at the stall. We get a chance to personally interact with such potential clients and be there for any questions, suggestions, or requests they have for us."

Talking about the future, Solanki shares that the company has the vision to provide consumers with good food from around the world and make it easier for them to cook and experience food on their own.

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