It’s quick and easy with Suzu Agro

Ready To Cook food is time-efficient as it helps keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle and allows people to balance their time to explore their hobbies
It’s quick and easy with Suzu Agro
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Launched in 2020, Suzu Agro is the manufacturer and exporter of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food. With the goal of quick & easy cooking and avoiding any hassle of cutting, peeling, soaking, washing, and grinding raw ingredients, Suzu Agro aimed to create solutions that incorporate this uniqueness and allow users to add their tastes or spices to make the best use of products.

Suzu Agro caters to D2C and B2B platforms with several ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products packed in aseptic packaging. The company has a range of cooked beans, gravies, pastes, sauces, etc., in various sizes starting from 100 grams, 300 grams to 1 kg, and 3 kg pouches. Supplying to the USA, UK, UAE, African countries, and South Asian countries and plan to expand globally & locally in the Indian market.

Prachi Patil, founder of Suzu Agro, proudly shares, “We have been fortuitous to be recognized by Startup India during India Innovation week and felicitated by MIT-ADT university in Pune as the best cost-efficient model. We are the official supplier at the biggest retail chain Walmart USA and Samsclub USA.”

Prachi Patil and Aditya , founders
Prachi Patil and Aditya , founders

The company claims to be a tech-driven company using retort processing along with AI systems to carry out its operations. With absolutely zero preservatives and chemicals, all products are a home kitchen taken to a larger scale to provide healthy food. The products need not be refrigerated to store as they are ambient temperature stable, which states that it is not frozen or dehydrated and are in the most natural form as freshly cooked food. “We believe that our larger shelf life which is between 12 to18 months at room temperature with no nutritional, taste, or color loss during the shelf-life period is one of our biggest USP,” says Patil.

Suzu Agro at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

Suzu Agro will display its wide product range at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14 to 16 September at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. The company plans to bring Aaj Pakao to light, which caters to both the direct-to-customer and business-to-business markets.

For D2C, there are 13 stock-keeping units in the RTC area, which supply beans, sprouts, and gravies. All beans and sprouts are with no sugar and no salt, so it is suitable for diabetic people, the elderly as well as kids. Also it claims to be the first company in India to bring sprouts in cooked and RTC format. The company plans to add more than eight gravies to the portfolio. The B2B products are sold in the HORECA sector and large kitchens, which helps them to save on operational costs by 40 to 50% and has a portfolio for this area with base gravies, special gravies, and sauces, RTE products, pastes, etc.

Talking about their participation in ANUFOOD, Patil believes that national and global events like ANUFOOD help start-ups get visibility in the industry. While visitors might be coming to such events after hearing the names of well-established players, they would also be excited to see what is new in the industry. Distributors, exporters, retailers, and other players in the food industry visit these events. She adds, “The environment is ripe for collaborations. One never knows if they can find the perfect partner for fulfilling the needs of the product/service. While standing shoulder to shoulder with the giants in the industry, start-ups like us get to learn from them while competing with them at the same venue.”

“We wish to meet HORECA buyers, distributors, and suppliers at the ANUFOOD exhibition. It is a well-known platform from the food sector, and we wish to do as much networking and connect with like-minded industry people and know about future food trends and requirements/ needs of the market,” shares Patil.

Aims towards expansion

Suzu’s focus is to unload the burden on women from the kitchen and provide natural food without preservatives and harmful chemicals. The road map will mainly include expansion and allied activities.

“We are currently in Mumbai and Pune while looking forward to expanding to Goa, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Along with this, we are going for regional delicacies, which people can enjoy with little effort. We are also aiming for overseas markets; we are already in talks with some more companies in UAE and South East Asia. We are working on strengthening a back-end, where we will be focusing more on the technology and making our team more robust. We will get experts from different fields on board, helping us grow faster and put this brand in a better-than-ever position,” Patil concludes.

Register Now and meet Suzu Agro at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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