Learn all about functional food products with CTCF2

Visit stall no E34 at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022 to chat with CTCF2's qualified scientists, medical practitioners, and technicians
Learn all about functional food products with CTCF2
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Situated at Jeonbuk National University Hospital, the Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods (CTCF2) is a 60-bed unit. It offers biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and functional food companies a complete package of services and facilities for functional food studies.

Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods, is focused on adherence to schedule by expediting patient enrolment, IRB approval, and the availability of essential clinical experts. This, combined with the experienced research team, large and diverse patient pool, access to a cost-effective GCP facility, and rigorous IRB standards, makes Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods an ideal choice.

According to Mallikarjun Handigund, chief executive officer, the mission is to empower organizations to pursue functional food product licensing by gathering scientific data to validate the products' health benefits and claims.

Tapping forward with constant innovation

CTCF2 believes in research and innovations that help to stay healthy. Over the years, CTCF2 has rolled up to help clients with its clinical excellence in over 50 families of Clinical Trials, covering a wide variety of functional food products. CTCF2 feels proud to share as they have some of the most qualified scientists, medical practitioners, and technicians for clinical trials.

"Recently, we were one of the partner organizations developing Lactobacillus Plantarum HAC01 by Atogen, Korea, for blood glucose control. HAC01 is a licensed functional probiotic approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea. Also, we worked with Univera to develop a processed aloe vera gel called ImmunoAloe™ as an adjuvant influenza vaccine. Like these, we are constantly involved in R&D and assist our clients in licensing the products after a successful clinical trial," Handigund adds.

Healthy is the new trend

Disruptions like COVID-19 and food supply issues will enhance the health industry, which is poised to grow significantly. In this industry, individuals' health will be focused on specifically after COVID-19. Healthy foods will gain much attention from now. Healthy products will emerge as sole gainers. However, these foods must be clinically proven before commercialization, else they won't be accepted. CTCF2 believes that healthy foods and nutraceutical products are upcoming trends in the food and beverage industry. She says, "We at CTCF2 are prepared to welcome the new trend worldwide. Our world-class infrastructure will empower the organization with clinical trials which are in pursuit of catching up with the trend."

Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

The CTCF2 team eagerly awaits joining Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022 from 14 to 16 September to exhibit their products before a wide range of stakeholders, visitors, and decision-makers in the F&B industry.

R&D clinical center and assists in functional product licensing with the help of clinical trials. It promotes functional foods as health benefits beyond their nutritional values is the main reason. At ANUFOOD, CTCF2 will be displaying its strength in conducting clinical trials. Moreover, pursue organizations to choose clinical trials before commercializing functional food products. Clinical trials ensure safety, confirm the product's health benefits, and create trust in the product.

Talking about their expectation from the participation, Handigund says, "ANUFOOD is one of the important B2B platforms for the food & beverage trade and retail market in the Indian subcontinent. We feel that participation by various leaders across the food industry worldwide will create awareness regarding the significance of clinical trials of the developed product. Moreover, product developers and manufacturers would get an opportunity to work and expand their business with Korean organizations with our assistance. Thus, ANUFOOD will be a great opportunity for us and other participants worldwide."

"We expect that ANUFOOD will be an ideal platform to reach product developers and manufacturers with our mission of Empowering organizations that are in pursuit of functional food product licensing by gathering scientific data to validate the product health benefits and functional claims. Also, we expect other global participants to know about our mission and the services offered."

The Indian subcontinent is blessed with various functional foods, and developing these foods for the world is essential in these crucial times. The company firmly believes that stakeholders in the health food industry in the subcontinent will recognize the importance of scientific data. This will ensure the safety of the product and take the product to various parts of the world, including Korea. "We are open to discussing opportunities to co-develop functional foods. We look forward to speaking with leaders in the health food industries worldwide in the coming days," Handigund concludes.

Meet the Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods team at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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