Meet Bikaji at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

Meet Bikaji at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India
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Pioneer in bhujia and namkeen for the past three decades, Bikaji Foods International, stands tall as the largest producer of Bhujia in the world, with a production capacity of more than 120 tonnes per day. The brand has a wide range of products ranging from bhujia, namkeen, sweets, papad, frozen foods, and western snacks, with an international footprint of exports to over 35 countries.

Bikaji has been consistent with its R&D and innovation through the years. Speaking about the brand, Neha Rao, vice president of marketing, Bikaji, adds, "With experienced food technologists, we strive to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the food industry. Our focus has always been to deliver optimum quality products and uphold the highest standards in the snacking sector. We are committed to automation in production, and other departments, to ensure we live up to our vision of taking Bikaji to every household across the globe and to be amongst the global leaders in the segment of snacks and savories. Also, reinvent and develop new products for the total satisfaction of our customers."

The impact of changing lifestyles on the F&B sector

According to Rao, the F&B industry innovates and delivers quality to the end consumer. She says, "With multiple players in the market and category expansion happening, the agile companies will be the only ones able to ride this tide. Therefore, it's crucial to assess how the consumers spend their days, get insights into their habits and preferences and meet them mid-way (if not the whole) at the very least. Going forward, innovation and range will be the key pillars for all businesses."

Bikaji at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India 2022

The company's objective and expectation from Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India is to build an association between ANUFOOD and Bikaji. This year, Rao shares that they will be hosting buyers from multiple countries while looking forward to increasing its exports.

She adds, "We are working towards expanding our footprint in the domestic and international market. ANUFOOD focus on helping Indian companies showcase their product range to a wider audience from the exporter's perspective gave us the confidence to partner with them for this show. By being present on this platform, we are hoping to make more connections with the export buyer community and showcase our brand portfolio to the world."

The company plans to display the entire range of products from bhujia, namkeen, sweets, papad, western snacks, etc., to the audience, including the exports' special range.

Bikaji strives to ensure that it is an integral part of every global citizen's life, in some form of product range or other. They are committed to delivering quality products to consumers and have plans to continuously invest in R&D and technology to realize brand promise to the Bikaji loyalists. "You can expect a wider range in the product portfolio, along with new verticals that will launch shortly," Rao concludes.

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