Meet FASA at ANUTEC India for packaging solutions for dairy products

Visit HALL 5, STAND E58 & F57 to meet well-known dairy packing supplier
Meet FASA at ANUTEC India for packaging solutions for dairy products

Photo - FASA

Since 1959 FASA has accumulated huge experience in the packaging field and is well known in the dairy industry worldwide. All equipment is produced for each customer's needs. FASA's packaging equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, curd, ice-cream in waffle sandwich, sour cream, yogurt. During the 62 years, dairies from more than 85 countries have trusted the company FASA. Equipment are of high quality and are produced in Europe, in Lithuania.

Satisfaction of customers' needs is the priority. FASA produces modern machinery and regularly modifies it so that the manufactured packaging equipment complies with customers' wishes and expectations. FASA is always ready to provide the customer with possible solutions to their issues, advise and offer its service whenever needed. All FASAs' equipment are tested with a product in the factory. FASA's technical team installs and commissions the equipment at the customer's place and trains the client's personnel. "Our technical team takes care of and serves the equipment we sell. We provide a warranty, consult, and supply spare parts, "says head of Customer Service, Aivaras Tereskevicius.

FASA's local distributors are also always ready to help present and future customers in any case. FASA appreciates the cooperation with more than 30 distributors worldwide that helps them communicate in the client's native language, solve extra technical issues, and be closer to its customers. FASA is proud of its loyal and responsible team and its dear customers.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Processed Cheese Filling and Wrapping machine</p></div>

Processed Cheese Filling and Wrapping machine

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Butter Filling and Wrapping machine</p></div>

Butter Filling and Wrapping machine

FASA's sales managers constantly visit customers' dairies and meet them in exhibitions, which keep them close with customers. This time FASA is participating in "ANUTEC. International Food Tec India". You can find them at HALL 5, STAND E58 & F57. FASA's representatives Renaldas and Jolanta will be waiting for you. They will tell you everything you need to know about dairy processing and packaging, offer the best solution for your needs and requirements, and offer the best packing equipment for butter, margarine, and processed cheese. FASA packing equipment are well known in the Indian dairy market. There are 57 FASA packing in India. FASA is proud to be important for the Indian dairy market.

Jolanta Petkeviciene, head of Sales and Marketing, says, "Our mission is to create relations with our customers and introduce reliable, high quality and innovative dairy packaging equipment according to the needs of each customer. Day after day, we improve, change, try to be modern, listen to the needs and observations of the customers. We never leave you alone."

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