CILICANT showcased its active packaging solutions to extend product shelf life at PackEx 2022

Active packaging products designed for pharmaceutical, medical devices, nutraceuticals, and processed food industries
Team Cilicant at PackEx 2022
Team Cilicant at PackEx 2022

CILICANT is India’s fastest-growing active packaging manufacturer that primarily caters to the healthcare industry globally. The company, over the years, has established itself as a forerunner in the pharmaceutical packaging industry with its Active Packaging Solutions by offering some of the most superior quality sorbents to protect the packaged products from the harmful effects of moisture and oxidation.

Talking about the manufacturing of their products, Team CILICANT, said, “Our products are manufactured in a classified and controlled environment within the state of the art, cGMP-compliant facilities and every stage of the manufacturing process goes through stringent quality control as quality and safety of the product is our priority.”

CILICANT’s range of products includes active packaging solutions for the food industry, including desiccants, oxygen scavengers, ethylene, and other gas absorbers especially designed to protect and enhance the shelf life of packaged and processed food.

Prioritizing product safety and quality

Team CILICANT believes that active packaging has the utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry, and CILICANT’s association with the healthcare industry has given it a rich experience in prioritizing its product safety and quality in order to provide safe and effective products to its end users.

Elaborating on this, team CILICANT said, “Our R&D is based on closely working with our clients; and based on that, we give them the right solution to enhance the shelf life of their products.”

Elaborating further, team CILICANT said, “We recommend the right active packaging solution and the dosage based on our understanding and discussions about the client’s requirements and conducting product trials and stability.”

They proudly remarked, “As a part of the R&D and innovation team, we take great pride in following these protocols for getting a satisfactory solution to address our client's concerns.”

The aftermath of the pandemic and its impact on the F&B sector

According to the team, there has been continuous growth in some product segments and stability in others during the pandemic.

Team CILICANT elaborated, “Consumers were scared of using anything that was unpacked and unhygienic, due to which the F&B Industry switched to packaging and automation in order to overcome this adversity. Therefore, it has led to the acceptance of packaging and product segments that need to keep up with the demand of current times.”

Experience at PackEx India 2022

CILICANT participated in PackEx India, an event that brought together the best in packaging material and machinery, thus making it the most attractive platform for packaging development professionals and decision-makers.

The CILICANT team took this opportunity to display active packaging solutions for various food segments that are packaged and processed:

Pet Foods, Dry Fruits, Tea, Sweets, Commodities, Healthy Snacks, and Meat, among others.

Sharing their views on how such events help them achieve their business goals, the CILICANT team said, “For the last five years, we are associated with ANUTEC, and we appreciate their efforts in giving the industry this platform to come together and create pathways for a technologically driven future.”

They added, “It also helped us create awareness for active packaging and its advantage. Over the years, we have observed substantial growth in the exhibitors and attendees coming under one roof, discussing practical problems, and coming up with solutions collectively. This eventually helped us build trust in the industry and enabled us to reach where we are right now.”

Insights into the company’s future

CILICANT’s vision is to be India's premium active packaging market leader and become a trustworthy brand globally.

Sharing the company’s journey over the years, Team CILICANT shared, “CILICANT had started its journey in the food industry with minimal segments like sweets. However, since the pandemic period, the scenario for CILICANT has changed. Since then, CILICANT has been expanding into many different segments of the Indian food industry, including the dry fruit and commodities industries, and moving into the pet food, healthy snack, and meat industries.”

“In the coming years, we intend to collaborate as the preferred active packaging partner with every segment of the Indian food industry to begin with,” Team CILICANT concluded.

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