From pre-processing to powder, Rathi Engineering does it all

From pre-processing to powder, Rathi Engineering does it all

Rathi Engineering, a budding enterprise in the field of engineering that started only four years back, demonstrates the teamwork, technical expertise, and efficiency of any decade-old renowned brand to its customers. 

With technologies on the size reduction and grinding, Rathi Engineering also offers a myriad range of end-to-end solutions for all applications in chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, food, and spices.

Everything from pre-processing to the powder stage is the kind of solution that the company offers at the moment. Based out in Pune, the company is currently adamant about using all the latest technologies in manufacturing and design that are available in the market.

Rathi Engineering at ANUTEC

Showcasing in ANUTEC exhibition for the second time, Manan A.Rathi, director, Rathi Engineering, said, “Being an exhibitor for the second time, we had a great experience. I personally felt that this year ANUTEC truly came out and was even better than last year. Of course, since the country has opened up everybody on the production side has started cracking out and focused on growth for the entire nation. Talking about the footfall, well we are glad that we had no time to ourselves due to constant walk-ins, good quality technical discussions with known names in the market.”

“I think it's one of the best exhibitions now that is put forth in India in terms of technology. As new technologies are being showcased, alongside healthy competition and good collaborative efforts visible in r&d and innovation,” he further adds.

Marching towards an eco-friendly future

In terms of the next five to ten years, Rathi believes a big boom in the food, food-related, and pharmaceutical sectors is expected. “I see chemicals are still going strong, but the focus is to be on the food sector. So, in terms of our equipment, we are planning to optimize systems that can assist in power consumption reduction and try to provide more eco-friendly systems.”

“We are on the lookout to work on technologies that are easy to clean, GMP certified, keeping maintenance in mind. We are also looking at adopting some cryogenic setups for some high-end spices. In terms of development, we are trying to focus on reducing the footprint of the entire system while improving production quality. Gathering as much data as possible since the industry is moving toward intelligence-driven operations. So, the number of modular systems we can add in terms of instrumentation will be helpful in the long run to have almost fully automated or semi-automated systems.”

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