Kenray promises consistency with efficiency

Being a renowned name in the industry, Kenray shares its key to success, experience at PackEx, and much more.
Kenray promises consistency with efficiency

Globally recognized for developing and manufacturing forming sets and solutions for the packaging industry for snacks, confectionery, frozen foods, and many more. Kenray is based in the UK and holds key areas of expertise, including innovative design in forming sets for Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) packaging machines, horizontal folding boxes (HFFS), training onsite remotely, and spares and ancillaries.

With manufacturing outlets in Italy and Mumbai, Kenray provides the same quality, knowledge, and service to all its customers, including the Middle East, African and Asian regions, as in the USA and Europe. 

The company is not focused on the entire machines or equipment but instead on designing and production on a wide range of parts of machines offering spare parts for packaging machines such as knives, belts, forming sets, or VFFS. Their partnership in the USA provides solutions for sealing as well. Mark Evans, commercial director Kenray Forming, comments, “We believe that our company is all about consistency, interchangeability, making the downtime less and improving efficiency.”

Adapting and moving forward with digitalization 

With the pandemic waging its way around the globe, Kenray found its way to stay connected and provide efficiency. Evans shared, “We learned to do majority of things by video conferencing, including more training by video-conferencing. Although we couldn’t come out enough, we have learned that you can do one visit and then do the next two or three meetings by a video and then you come out again. So, we've probably cut down our travel budget by about two-thirds and still maintain effectiveness.”

Kenray Forming at PackEx

Talking about their participation and expectations in detail, Evan mentions, “We came to this expo with a clean slate and no expectation but to our surprise, PackEx has truly outdone itself and exceeded all our expectations. We’ve attended many exhibitions all around the globe in our work span and are very happy with what we gather here. Many visitors and genuine enquires also gained, so no complaints at all.”

Commenting on the future road ahead, “We plan to continue on the same path. We are in the business of developing globally. Hence, we need to have a global presence for our customers because our customers are global, and unless we can support them on a global scale and we're not relevant for them,” Evans wraps up.

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