Learn all chain elongation in real-time with iwis antriebssysteme

Potdar shares about iwis antriebssysteme’s recent establishment in India, chain elongation, their experience at PackEx, and much more.
Learn all chain elongation in real-time with iwis antriebssysteme

A German-based centennial company, iwis antriebssysteme, holds expertise in manufacturing roller chains. The iwis of today and tomorrow are based upon 100 years of living history and hands-on experience. Recently established in India, iwis has broadened its horizon from catering deals with just OEM customers in Europe to India as well.

Round-the-clock solution 

As mentioned, iwis mainly dealt with the roller chains business. The company has a vastly expanded R&D team along with production and testing in Germany, USA, and China. “We focus mainly on solutions for customers in the automotive packaging, food, and logistics industry with our chains. We have a team of around 20 engineers spread across the world who work round the clock towards constant innovation for this market. For instance, our stall is a ccm sensor. It is a sensor that has been developed in the father chain industry, which monitors the chain elongation in real time. You can also connect it with a PLC and get a live feed of the chain elongation,” shares Abhijit Potdar, account manager, iwis antriebssysteme.

Continuing with consistency for customers 

Explaining how the pandemic had affected iwis antriebssysteme, Potdar says, “Yes, indeed covid did impact us initially because of the supply chains that were affected drastically across the globe. But our company was able to set up and lay out some fruitful plans, which helped us get over the pandemic in about two to one quarter. Making sure our customers profited from iwis being globally present as a company.”

Iwis antriebssysteme at PackEx

Being a participant for the first-time iwis antriebssysteme was extremely enthusiastic, to meet new buyers and greet existing clients in Mumbai after the great span carried out by the pandemic. Potdar says, “It's our first time in PackEx India but that never stopped us from reaching out and connecting with many potential clients, getting a chance to interact, and gather genuine queries. On the first day itself, we experienced a rush of relevant visitors coming through the door. I suppose being the first exhibition in Mumbai post-pandemic truly had many people going out and exploring what’s new.”

Talking about the road ahead, “The future plans for India are basically to scale up the business as mentioned earlier we have started our India operations two years back and our plan for the next ten years is to achieve good turnover, generate more market share, and also have a good team that can support Indian customers beat quality engineering or production. And these are basic steps that we will be panning out shortly,” Potdar concludes.

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