RIECO Industries, Pioneers in Powder Handling since 1975

RIECO Industries is all set to make exponential growth in the coming years and have the industry in its awe.
RIECO Industries, Pioneers in Powder Handling since 1975

RIECO Industries, a 47-year-old young company, works in the domain of designing and providing solutions and equipment for a variety of industries, which includes: food, spices, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and much more.

Handling all forms of powder processing, RIECO Industries is a leading project engineering and manufacturing company in India. With a focus on delivering sustainable and reliable solutions to its customers worldwide, varying from India to the Middle East in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Israel in the domain of powder and bulk solids.

Innovating for the demand

R&D of the company is focused on creating products that are more suitable for a specific industry; for instance, in the food industry, the company delivers products with easy cleaning. Elaborating in detail, Vikas Bhatia, managing director of RIECO Industries, shares, “We at Rieco develop products and solutions to meet the needs of the industry. This includes various kinds of pieces for equipment like pulverizers, mills, powder transfer equipment, blenders, screw conveyors, and much more, which handle the demanding needs of the industry.”

“Plus, we are also doing a lot of work on the basic working of the machines and optimizing the power efficiency. We do CFD analysis, simulations, and trials to understand the characteristics of the material as they go through our equipment. To create much better design equipment for our customers,” he further says.

Flourishing in the covid tide

Rieco, amid the pandemic, was on the fortunate end and flourished without the hit of any negative impact. “We found that companies engaged in the food and pharmaceutical segment or daily essentials did not suffer from any demand. We had a very robust order intake and had continuous taps from customers to add new capacities or new projects in terms of food and spices. It was also a learning experience as we learned and worked at our backend to improve customer experience. We had a run last year with over 60% growth and are looking forward to the same in the coming years as well,” Bhatia comments.

RIECO Industries at ANUTEC

Bhatia, on their participation at ANUTEC, shares his company’s experience; he says, “ANUTEC is a platform where we get to showcase our technologies and meet potential new customers & partners. This makes ANUTEC a significant networking event, especially after the pandemic, as I feel it adds a lot of value to companies that want to reach out to customers. Also, coming to these platforms gives us a more focused and personal connection with our customers and stakeholders. We look forward to next year with more industry captains visiting.”

Setting new benchmarks for the golden jubilee

With only three years left to celebrate Rieco’s golden jubilee, Bhatia shares how the company is keen on creating history with an increase in revenue by four times in the coming years. He says, “We plan on going all in with big goals for our vision. There are a couple of things that we are going to do, starting from reorganizing ourselves as an internal structuring to serve our customers better. Shifting focus from just products to the industry we cater to, a team would be dedicated to developing solutions and working closely with the customers to understand what Rieco can do to make their processes better and easier.” 

“Lastly, in all the eight industries we cater to, we aim to increase our market share and our presence, nationally and internationally, and thereby achieve a much bigger turnaround,” Bhatia concludes.

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