“We are the innovators of biscuit cups”, R&D Engineers

Manufacturer of baking machines for Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones, and Rolled Sugar Cones.
“We are the innovators of biscuit cups”, R&D Engineers

Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is the Indian manufacturer of baking machines for wafer biscuits, ice cream cones, and rolled sugar cones. Located in Hyderabad, India, it is a family-owned company making solutions for wafer biscuits and ice cream cones, including specialized wafers, for the last 30 odd years. 

R&D Engineers team of engineers guarantees a high quality of production. The professional team works with the aim of customer satisfaction by implementing new technical developments and giving optimum solutions, which increase the competitiveness of professional manufacturers and allow them to make attractive, crispy, and quality products at a reasonable price.

Manufacturing according to the need of customers

Being a fifth-generation entrepreneur, Rajesh Pamnani, partner, R&D Engineers, says, “We've been through a lot of product and process cycles across the time. And we are more than pleased to share that currently, we export to over 35 countries worldwide, in various states of either developing or developed countries. So, there are a lot of affordable solutions across the world that can work in different graphical zones in various time formats and various price formats. The innovation would be more on the insight of which product can work at a particular point in time. As far as specific innovation is concerned, we are the innovators for biscuit cups for tea or coffee. These are edible containers, our circular economic contribution for India to reduce plastic.”

Sailing through the pandemic 

R&D Engineers, with great pride, shared that they had been working three shifts throughout the pandemic. Being in the snack segment, it didn’t take long for the company to realize that the pandemic induced a greater market for the snack segment, offering a continuous run for the company. Of course, there had been external causes of concerns varying from worldwide shipment and material supply to labor. However, overall, it had been a smooth sale for the company.

R&D Engineers at ANUTEC

Contented by the footfall in the exhibition, Pamnani comments, “We’ve had a very steady stream of visitors throughout, almost everyone expected showed up. I actually hoped to have some breathers in between, to at least use the restroom. As the footfall was truly overwhelming. So, I suppose a good job on the organizer’s end.”

“We have had many innovative products on display in the exhibition. That grabs attention because people would like to understand more about the processes that can be adapted to their projects for future expansion or whatever other new possibilities. And we were happy to do so,” Pamnani wraps up.

The 16th edition of India's biggest and most sought-after trade fair for the food and drink processing suppliers industry- ANUTEC International FoodTec India along with its concurrent trade fairs ANUTEC Ingredients India, PackEx India, and Food Logistics India was organized from 14 – 16 September at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

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