BeanstalkAsia creates campaign for Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites

Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites is a spice-infused ready-to-eat paneer snack that doesn’t need refrigeration and is currently available in six variants
BeanstalkAsia creates campaign for Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites

BeanstalkAsia, a new age Integrated Marketing Communications Agency in India and Nepal, has delivered an unconventional approach to launching Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites – Spice infused ready-to-eat paneer snack, featuring Mandira Bedi as its brand ambassador.

Commenting on the product innovation, Kishan Modi, managing director, Jayshri Gayatri Foods, said, “As the demand for packaged food increased during the first wave of the pandemic in India, it motivated us to foray into the domestic B2C market and expand our product range to appeal the Indian households. The Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites is our in-house innovation, and it is the first such spice-infused paneer product in the market that can be stored without refrigeration. As the market expands, we see a huge potential for this product in India and another overseas market.”

Paneer is healthy, full of nutrition, and a staple in the Indian diet, but it is quite blah & boring - it is white, looks the same always, and tastes the same. The campaign by BeanstalkAsia gives a new twist to the otherwise cliched portrayal of Paneer as a product. Paneer in an all-new light!

Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites is a paneer with more zing, pizzazz, cheekiness, and chutzpah. Delicious taste can be stored at ambient temperature (doesn’t require refrigeration) and can be eaten anytime and anywhere. A truly innovative, never seen before product, available in a variety of lip-smacking flavors befitting the Indian palate. Maano ki Paneer pe ab mastee chadh gayi!

Speaking about the campaign thought, Upendra Singh Thakur – founder, BeanstalkAsia, expressed, “The Paneer category has for too long elaborated on just its health benefits. It was necessary to infuse a dose of fun – without disturbing its health credentials. This new product, Milk Magic Healthy Cube Bites, is a category changer in many ways. Communication had the dual task of informing about this revolutionary product, plus pull paneer and its advertising from the trap of sameness that it had fallen into. We understood it made strategic logic to cast somebody who would embody the qualities of fun and zest for life. Hence, we recommended Mandira Bedi and not just another model.”

The campaign demanded a face that relates to all aspects of a modern consumers – be it homemakers, home chefs, aware parents, fitness conscious individuals, among others. Mandira Bedi, a familiar face across generations with her multifaceted personality as an actor, sports commentator, mother, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer, struck the right chords.

The brand film portrays Mandira Bedi as a modern Indian woman, in a work-from-home, contemporary-styled living-room setting. The film, a combination of real-life and animation, plays on the element of masti between Mandira and the product pack. The print creatives portray Mandira in the diverse personalities of modern Indian women, again with quirky lines and fun expressions to bring in the element of masti and the paneer in its new avatar. Even the packaging of the product, which BeanstalkAsia has also designed, has a very contemporary look and feel.

Speaking about the campaign and the rollout, Chandra Prakash Pandey, director marketing, Jayshri Gayatri Foods, said, “Paneer had to move out from the confines of dull and boring white. Since our product is all about fun moments, anytime and anywhere, the advertising needed to capture these attributes and invite our consumers to enjoy and have a healthy dose of fun. In the first phase, we have launched the campaign in Madhya Pradesh and will be subsequently rolling out in a phased manner in Bihar, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, and the North East States. The launch campaign has already become a super hit in the central parts of India with the product reaching more than 10 million customers.”

The wide product basket under the brand Milk Magic, includes the fresh and frozen varieties of Paneer, which is one of their most popular product offerings, Butter - salted & unsalted varieties, Pure Ghee variety, assortment of Cheese, Khoya, and Indian sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Rasmalai and Kaju Katli. Milk Magic brand is very popular in Rajasthan, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Telangana, among others.

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