Carlsberg on track to meet Together Towards ZERO targets

Carlsberg on track to meet Together Towards ZERO targets

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The Carlsberg Group’s Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report 2021 reveals steady progress by one of the world’s leading brewing groups.

Despite ongoing pandemic-related challenges, the company has continued to deliver on carbon, water and responsible drinking, and remains on track to meet the ambitious 2022 and 2030 targets of its transformative Together Towards ZERO programme. The report highlights performance on each pillar of the programme, showcases how Carlsberg brands are inspiring sustainable behaviour, and explains the Group’s commitment to responsible business and positive contribution to economies worldwide.

Towards ZERO carbon footprint

Carlsberg collaborates with partners and suppliers to reduce its carbon footprint across the value chain – including in its raw ingredient sourcing, packaging and refrigeration. 2021 achievements include:

  • 40% reduction in carbon emissions per hl of beer since 2015 – including a 2% year-on-year reduction in 2021 – on the way towards Carlsberg’s target of a 50% reduction by 2022 and its ambition of ZERO carbon brewing by 2030.

  • On track to achieve reduction targets for relative beer-in-hand (total value chain) emissions of 15% by 2022 and 30% by 2030 (from 2015), with a 7% reduction to 2019 in the latest analysis.

  • Joined other leading companies in a call from CEOs for policymakers to supercharge momentum towards net-zero economies with bold commitments, policies and actions ahead of COP26.

  • Signed the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) Planet Pledge – a global commitment to making marketing teams a force for positive change both internally and by inspiring consumers to act.

  • “A” rating from CDP for transparency and action on climate.

Towards ZERO water waste

Carlsberg invest in new technologies to help the company brew with less water, and work with partners to protect shared water resources in priority areas. 2021 achievements include:

  • 21% reduction in water use per hl of beer since 2015 – including a 4% year-on-year reduction in 2021 – on the way towards its targets of a 25% reduction by 2022 and a 50% reduction by 2030.

  • 35% reduction in water use at breweries in areas of high water risk since 2015 (per hl of beer).

  • Opened a new state-of-the-art water-recycling plant to radically improve water efficiency at its Fredericia brewery in Denmark.

  • Launched partnerships to conserve critical freshwater ecosystems in Nepal and to provide clean water, toilets and handwashing facilities at schools in India.

  • “A” rating from CDP for transparency and action on water.

Towards ZERO irresponsible drinking

Carlsberg helps consumers make responsible choices, providing transparent product information and a fast-growing global portfolio of alcohol-free and low-alcohol brews. 2021 achievements include:

  • More than doubled alcohol-free brew (AFB) sales volumes (114% growth) since 2015, including 17% growth in 2021 alone.

  • Supported the launch of new global alcohol marketing standards for eCommerce platforms and social influencers through the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking.

  • Reached 33.6 million people through responsible drinking campaigns.

Towards a ZERO accidents culture

Carlsberg takes pride in its strong focus on safety culture and invest in comprehensive training with a focus on safe workplace behaviours and its Life Saving Rules. 2021 achievements include:

  • 32 of Carlsberg breweries reached the safety milestone of 1,000 accident-free days.

  • Following a 55% drop in its lost-time accident rate between 2015 and 2020, there was a 44% year-on-year increase in 2021 as new breweries joined Carlsberg business. Targeted safety awareness activities for new acquisitions are in place to reverse this increase.

  • 97% employee compliance with Carlsberg Life Saving Rules.

  • 371,000 observations made by employees to tackle safety risks and unsafe behaviours.

  • 11,000+ company drivers (95%) completed online training in road safety.

Doing business responsibly

Carlsberg’s business plays an important role in economies, supply chains and communities around the world. The company is committed to conducting business responsibly, including in its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and communities. 2021 achievements include:

  • Direct jobs for more than 39,000 people and indirect employment for around 1.09 million more, generating global economic value of around DKK 96bn.

  • 93% of its top 350 leaders completed training on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in the workplace.

  • 89% of its people are satisfied with Carlsberg as a place to work and 87% are proud to work at Carlsberg.

  • Updated, published and rolled out training on the company’s Code of Ethics & Conduct and its Human Rights Policy.

Cees t’ Hart, chief executive officer, Carlsberg Group, says, “We’re convinced that our commitment to sustainability has bolstered our resilience through another very difficult year. We've made steady progress on our own Together Towards ZERO ambitions, and we're harnessing the power of our brands to encourage people to adopt more sustainable behaviours. Our new SAIL’27 strategy will drive business growth in the coming years and ensure Carlsberg remains as ambitious as ever as we work towards, and even beyond, ZERO.”

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