FreshToHome enables 3.6 crore deliveries in 2022: Statistics Report

FreshToHome enables 3.6 crore deliveries in 2022: Statistics Report
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  • Bangalore emerges as the top tier one city to place the highest volume of meat, fish, and seafood orders on its platform and subscription app

  • Chicken Curry Cut (Skinless) continues to be the most popular SKU for 7 years in a row

  • Green Mussels, a rare seasonal exotic, went out-of-stock in less than 30 minutes after it was launched on the app

FreshToHome, a fully integrated online e-commerce brand in fresh fish and meat, has announced some fun facts and delightful trivia about its customers’ preferences in the platform that took the brand by storm and surprise this year.

For instance, the meat e-commerce marketplace & subscription app received over 68 orders per minute and enabled more than 3.6 crore deliveries this year across all product categories. That’s three times the population of Bangalore.

Among Tier II cities, Jaipur in the north and Vijayawada in the south emerged as the top cities that ordered the most on the marketplace compared to other Tier II cities. The meat lovers in Vijayawada pleasantly surprised FreshtoHome when the brand saw over 125% growth in two quarters.

Speaking of fast growth, the customer community of FreshtoHome knocked it off the park with its preference for the ready-to-cook category. The newly launched category on the marketplace emerged as the fastest-growing category, with various cities having their preferred choices. If Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore repeatedly chose Spicy Chettinad Chicken, meat lovers in Chennai and Hyderabad were swooned over by Granny's Masala Fried Chicken, a bestseller on FreshtoHome. Chennai and Hyderabad share a common love for good meat. In the land of rice and fish curry, handcrafted chicken dumplings were a hot pick this year, and Kerala subtly asked us to look beyond our stereotypes.

North India relished its favorite seekh kebabs, and meaty chicken seekh kebabs raced against all other ready-to-cook SKUs to emerge as the most ordered product on the app. Cocktail chicken samosas emerged as a people pleaser with the product's popularity crossing borders, and it was the most preferred ready-to-cook product in the UAE region.

Some old charms did not lose their shine, as chicken curry cut (skinless) remained the most repeatedly ordered SKU in the last seven years. Goat Curry Cut, Chicken Curry Cut, Chicken Breast Fillet, Rohu, Sardine, Prawn, and Baasa are the highest-selling products in the Meat, Chicken, and Fish categories respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Shan Kadavil, co-founder, FreshToHome, said, "Day after a day at FreshtoHome, we are driven to build solutions that will help our customers make easy, healthy food choices. For instance, the launch of India’s first E-range additives and preservatives-free ready-to-cook products in the frozen meat category on the FreshtoHome platform registered 1.9 times growth during the year and emerged as the fastest-growing category. Led by such positive customer feedback, we have expanded our geography spread by 60% in 2022. Such data also affirm that we are in the right direction in building a large customer community that will choose preservative-free and chemical-free meat with every purchase.”

Currently, FreshtoHome enables deliveries in more than 190 cities, comprising eight international cities, fifteen states & union territories, and two countries.

Launched in 2015, FreshToHome is among the world’s favorite destinations for fresh, chemical-free fish, seafood, and meat and has over 2000+ varieties of products that can be conveniently ordered through the brand’s mobile app or the website. The platform offers a range of fish, poultry, seafood, goat, and lamb, along with its ready-to-cook assortment.

FreshToHome’s technology-enabled platform, Commodities Exchange, empowers fishermen and farmers to electronically auction their produce to vendors who sell on This process eliminates middlemen and ensures that the customers get the best products within 24 – 36 hours of sourcing. Additionally, an end-to-end cold supply and 100+ quality checks for standard chemicals, antibiotics, and preservatives, make FreshToHome the most reliable brand for the freshest fish and meat.

Furthermore, FreshToHome provides only safe and healthy products that adhere to FSSAI standards and are certified by TUV and other reputed agencies. These certifications are available on the brand's platform.

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