GEA creates interface for exchange of milk and animal data with id

GEA creates interface for exchange of milk and animal data with id
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GEA and the International Dairy Data Exchange Network (iDDEN) have entered into a partnership. This cooperation aims to optimize data exchange between DairyNet software for GEA equipment and international organizations for animal data collection and processing.

With the activation of a corresponding DairyNet software module, a standardized interface will enable secure data exchange between the farm and the country control association coupled via iDDEN. The module will initially be available to GEA customers in Austria and Germany from the first quarter of 2023. GEA and iDDEN will continue to roll out the activities worldwide in the coming year.

For Martin Schnare, product manager - digital solutions, GEA, such interfaces are an important step in the digitalization of the dairy industry. They automate and accelerate the entire data collection process, making dairy production work easier. "Farmers today are generating more and more data on the farm and need solutions that solve the challenges of data integration. For GEA, iDDEN is an important partner because they precisely offer this IT service of connecting different systems and data sources in a suitably secure and globally standardized framework."

Reinhard Reents, managing director, iDDEN, underlines the importance of this partnership, "With GEA, we have gained one of the leading providers of milking and herd management solutions. Together with iDDEN, GEA customers' data can now communicate more easily, quickly, and securely with the information systems of dairy performance testing organizations and breed associations via the Data Exchange Hub. We are pleased to be working with GEA to now drive this solution globally."

In addition to data protection and the secure transmission of authorized information, other services that are included for users of the system also play a role. For example, iDDEN also ensures that data collection complies with the guidelines and standards of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). "With the new module for DairyNet, GEA customers will soon be able to tick off this important item of batch and animal data transfer on their to-do list with a clear conscience. The automated solution gives them more time for other important things on the farm and ensures that the data arrives safely where it is supposed to," says Schnare.

iDDEN is the largest international partnership network for data exchange in the context of dairy products and is currently active in 13 countries. Members of the network include leading farmer-owned organizations such as the Rinder Daten Verbund (RDV), IT-Solutions for Animal Production (vit), Lactanet, DataGene, National Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA), Nordic Cattle Data Exchange (NCDX) and Coöperatie Rundveeverbetering (CRV).

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