Godawan 100 is crowned ‘Single Malt Whisky of the Year’

The Collector’s-Edition artisanal single malt scored 96 points at the 2024 London Spirits Competition, becoming the top scorer in the single malt whisky category in the world
Godawan 100 is crowned ‘Single Malt Whisky of the Year’
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Godawan 100, a Collector’s-Edition artisanal single malt, crafted by Diageo India, has been crowned the ‘Single Malt Whisky of the Year’ at the prestigious 2024 London Spirits Competition. This leading international spirits’ competition evaluates spirits based on quality, value, and packaging, with assessments made by discerning trade buyers. With 96 points, Godawan 100 topped the score charts in the single malt whisky category from across the world.

With only 100 bottles available, Godawan 100 is a rare Collector’s Edition single malt that boasts pronounced tropical notes, a lighter palate and a short finish. Its sweet palate reveals notes of caramel, charcoal, cinnamon, and anise, leading to a long, dry finish. Filip Stribrny, Judge, London Spirits Competition, explains why Godawan 100 stands apart.

“Godawan 100 is a very complex whisky, with rich flavors of dried fruits, sultanas, and dark chocolate. It also has a very balanced flavor profile with a dark, dry finish of oak.”

As India’s first artisanal single malt whisky born out of Rajasthan, Godawan is pushing boundaries in whisky craftsmanship by challenging perceptions and defying traditional whisky production norms. This can be witnessed in the other expressions from the brand portfolio, Godawan 01 Rich and Rounded and Godawan 02 Fruit and Spice, being awarded gold medals at the London Spirits Competition 2024.

“Judges loved the quality of producers from India in the 2024 edition of London Spirits Competition and among the brands, Godawan was the best-preferred brand where all the products from the brand got gold medals,” said Sid Patel, chief executive officer of Beverage Trade Network, organizer of London Spirits Competition.

These prestigious wins add to the Godawan’s record tally of 42 national and international accolades for its liquid innovation, packaging design, and marketing campaigns – establishing it as the most awarded Indian single malt in the recent times. In 2023, the whisky made India proud at the globally renowned Monde Selection Quality Awards in Brussels – securing a Grand Gold Medal for its 02 Fruit and Spice Expression and a Gold Medal for its 01 Rich and Rounded expression.

The whisky is slow-trickle distilled from locally sourced six-row barley, thereby extracting optimal sensory performance. Distilled in Alwar, Rajasthan, the liquid is uniquely matured at temperatures exceeding 100°F, resulting in a whisky with a rich and complex character. The arid climatic conditions observed in Godawan contribute to a heightened “Angel’s share” phenomenon, imparting an extraordinary flavor profile that enthralls the senses.

Godawan is bringing to life a range of Indian single malts that will cater to every palate - Light and Floral, Fruity and Spicy, Rich and Rounded, Full bodied and Smoky. It achieves this by crafting a mother liquid that is flexible enough to manifest itself across each flavor profile. Godawan’s 01 Rich and Rounded expression offers notes of sultanas and dried fruits on the nose, and raisin, sultana, fig, and apricot on the palate. The finish ends with mature wood, caramel, and a butteriness like baklava. Godawan’s 02 Fruit and Spice expression has fruity aromas on the nose and a palate that boasts rich fruit and floral notes, along with vanilla, sweet ginger, and coconut. It leaves a lingering finish with a dash of spice and roasted coffee beans.

With a core focus on conservation, sustainability, and conscious consumption, Godawan is curating mindful luxury that pays tributes to its roots, its heritage, and most importantly, its environment. The whisky derives its name from the Great Indian Bustard, a majestic bird once widespread across India but now marked Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List. With approximately 150 left in India, these regal creatures have taken their last refuge in Rajasthan. With every bottle of Godawan sold, the company contributes to conserving the habitat of these birds, allowing them to flourish.

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