Godawan stands as the most awarded Indian Single Malt in recent times with 42 global accolades, and counting

This rare spirit born out of Rajasthan is winning awards and hearts globally, making India proud with a record high of 42 national and international accolades to its name
Godawan stands as the most awarded Indian Single Malt in recent times with 42 global accolades, and counting
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Godawan Artisanal Single Malt Whisky, the brainchild of The Good Craft Co. from Diageo India, is pushing boundaries in whisky craftsmanship by challenging perceptions and defying traditional whisky production norms. With its latest award at the Icons of Whisky 2024 Competition, the brand’s winning streak across 2023-24 now amasses 42 Indian and international laurels, solidifying its holistic excellence across liquid innovation, design, packaging, and brand expertise.

As India’s first artisanal single malt whisky born out of Rajasthan, the limited-edition Godawan 100 triumphed as ‘The Single Malt Whisky of The Year’ at the 2024 London Spirits Competition, placing artisanal Indian heritage on the world map. The whisky’s two expressions have been awarded a Gold Medal for the 02 Fruit and Spice expression and a Silver Medal for the 01 Rich and Rounded expression at the prestigious Denver International Spirits Competition (DISC). USA’s largest double-blind professional spirits competition, the DISC is an internationally recognized awards platform with a respected panel of 30 spirits authorities judging global spirits in a double-blind tasting.

Prathmesh Mishra, chief commercial officer at DIAGEO India, remarked, “These awards underscore our deep-rooted commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Godawan, our “Made in India for the world brand”, has not only garnered immense love and growth but also stands as a beacon of our dedication to giving back and preserving our natural heritage, such as the habitat of the Great Indian Bustard. These achievements reflect our unwavering focus on delivering exceptional quality spirits while adhering to our ethos of 'Drink Better, Not More.' We are proud to be water positive and continue to invest in sustainable practices that benefit the environment. These awards are a testament to our team's relentless efforts to ensure that every sip of Diageo India's spirits is an experience worth savoring.”

The ‘Spirit of The Desert’ is distilled at an award-winning, Platinum Accredited distillery in Alwar, Rajasthan, which was recently lauded as the ‘Sustainable Distillery of the Year’, at the Icons of Whisky India 2024. Inspired by the techniques of Rajasthani craft liqueur makers and honouring generations of craftsmanship, the whisky is slow-trickle distilled from locally sourced six-row barley, thereby extracting optimal sensory performance. The mother liquid so derived, is uniquely matured at temperatures exceeding 100°F, resulting in a whisky with a rich and complex character. To push conventional whisky making norms, the whisky imbibes the essence of two unique Indian botanicals - Rasna and Jatamansi. This is achieved through a process of barrel-aging in casks treated with these carefully selected ingredients, chosen from among 5000 options for their ability to complement the whisky’s flavor profile.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram Damodaran, chief innovation officer at DIAGEO India, said, “Godawan emerged from a visionary pursuit: to challenge the established norms of whisky production while honoring age-old Indian techniques. Our decision to embrace an unconventional terroir, combined with innovative distillation and maturation methods, underscores the unwavering commitment of Diageo India and The Good Craft Co. to our guiding principle, 'Crafted For Good'. Godawan serves as a beacon in the realm of global spirits, ushering in a new era for Indian Single Malts, narrating traditional excellence in whisky production and resonating with spirit experts worldwide.”

Envisioning to create Indian whiskies that cater to all four quadrants across the whisky flavor map, Godawan’s award winning expressions stand testament to the research and innovation that goes behind crafting an exquisitely artisanal spirit. The key to Godawan’s achievements lies in crafting a mother liquid that is flexible enough to manifest itself across each flavor profile - Light and Floral, Fruity and Spicy, Rich and Rounded, Full bodied and Smoky. Godawan’s 01 Rich and Rounded expression offers notes of sultanas and dried fruits on the nose, and raisin, sultana, fig, and apricot on the palate. The finish ends with mature wood, caramel, and a butteriness like baklava. Godawan’s 02 Fruit and Spice expression has fruity aromas on the nose and a palate that boasts rich fruit and floral notes, along with vanilla, sweet ginger, and coconut. It leaves a lingering finish with a dash of spice and roasted coffee beans.

With a core focus on conservation, sustainability, and conscious consumption, Godawan is curating mindful luxury that pays tributes to its roots, its heritage, and most importantly, its environment. The whisky derives its name from the Great Indian Bustard, a majestic bird once widespread across India but now marked Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List. With approximately 150 left in India, these regal creatures have taken their last refuge in Rajasthan. With every bottle of Godawan sold, the company contributes to conserving the habitat of these birds, allowing them to flourish.

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