Kerry’s Flavor Insights report reveals consumers crave new combinations of traditional tastes

Kerry’s Flavor Insights report reveals consumers crave new combinations of traditional tastes
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Kerry, a global leader in taste and nutrition, has released its 2023 Flavor Insights report, revealing that foodservice consumers are seeking new combinations of traditional tastes. The report provides a full analysis of taste trends for menu items and features new flavor pairings to inspire innovation.

According to the report, indulgence will take on a new meaning, with younger consumers in particular seeking unconventional 'mashups' of food and drinks they grew up with in combination with emerging new flavors from other regions. In addition, consumers will gravitate towards products that offer 'permissible indulgence' at a cost-effective price point.

Kerry Flavor Insights for food service outlines which new trends deserve focus and how to easily incorporate them into menus for immediate impact. They consolidate Kerry’s significant research on menu trends and product launches and are a valuable guide for chefs, operators and other decision-makers tasked with setting menu items and creating limited-time offers. 

Commenting on the new report, Soumya Nair, Global consumer research and insights director at Kerry said, "This year we are seeing consumers desire emerging and adventurous flavors with mainstream favorites. Whether it’s a nostalgic treat, a comfort dish or a healthy alternative, consumers expect a greater variety of tastes in 2023. Our Flavor Insights provide an in-depth and concise analysis of the key flavors, ingredients and nutrition trends that will shape menu innovation over the coming year."

Flavor trends for foodservice

Using data from Kerry’s popular Taste and Nutrition Charts, Flavor Insights is broken out into specific research and recommendations for the categories of hot beverages, cold beverages, savory flavor, sweet items and nutritional flavor trends for product development. Flavors are grouped into four categories: mainstream (top flavors for the past five years), key (verging on mainstream), up-and-coming (fastest-growing over the past three years), and emerging (fastest-growing within the last year).

In savory flavors, the Flavor Insights track everything from spicy to tame and provide key information on savory trends such as Asian, pesto, or hot and spicy, revealing how these can be used to greatly advance traditional menu items—like chicken or shrimp—or to create limited-time offers worth savouring. Other interesting rising flavors in the sweet area include dulce de leche, matcha tea and tangerine, among many others in this fast-emerging category. Innovative recipes for the sweet section include a hot churro abuelita and a strawberry cheesecake milkshake. 

Nutrition is the final category. Adding nutritional or functional ingredients—such as antioxidants, protein, digestive support or probiotics—or taking steps to reduce sugar, salt or fat, can be important tipping points in the consumer purchasing decision for any new product. 

"Our research team follows trends in flavors and new menu products throughout the year in order to provide our foodservice customers with research-based recommendations that can help them to make winning menu decisions. There is a lot of information out there, but Flavor Insights cuts through the noise to provide high-quality insights and market facts to chefs and product developers as they navigate a competitive and changing consumer landscape," added Nair.

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