Marico launches campaign to highlight the superior Purity of Saffola Honey

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the need for consumers to demand proof of the claims of quality and purity of the products they consume
Marico launches campaign to highlight the superior Purity of Saffola Honey

Marico, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has successfully innovated and reinforced its leadership position in the healthy foods and immunity-boosting category over the past year. The launch of Saffola Honey, a 100% Pure Honey that passes all FSSAI standards and is also tested through advanced NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technology for any added sugar or exogeneous adulteration, underscores its commitment to delivering high-quality, zero-adulteration products to its consumers. The brand has also collaborated with the renowned actress Priya Mani for its new TVC campaign.

Launched in June 2020, Saffola Honey is 100% pure and free from any form of adulteration, making it 100% free from any added/exogenous sugar. Produced at a USFDA-registered plant using state-of-the-art technology, each jar of Saffola Honey is procured by trained collectors who perform rigorous checks and exercise strong quality controls to ensure that every product batch is superior to other variants in the market. The brand also assures consumers that Saffola Honey goes through 60+ quality checks from beehives to the pack, including a thorough examination in one of the best-in-class German laboratories and passes through multiple filtration stages to remove impurities.

Speaking on the brand’s focus on purity and its TVC, Sanjay Mishra, chief operating officer, India Sales and chief executive officer, New Business, Marico, commented, “While honey is a popular natural sweetener and is consumed by many in India, the adulteration in honey through added sugar is a widespread problem. At Saffola, we are committed to delivering only the best-in-class products sourced, processed, and delivered to the consumer by following the highest levels of quality controls and standardization. Saffola Honey is tested through one of the most advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance testing techniques in specialized laboratories of Germany to ensure Saffola honey is free from any added or exogenous sugar. We are also delighted to collaborate with Priya Mani for our TVC, which aims to generate a conversation around the need for Indian consumers to demand the certification of purity and quality of the products they consume.”

Talking about the association for new TVC, Priya Mani said, “Saffola has always been a trusted partner for India’s quest towards a healthy lifestyle. With Saffola Honey, Marico has taken the superior quality they are known for a step further by creating a product that does not compromise on anything and is accredited with the famed NMR certification. I am honored to be associated with Saffola Honey and am excited to bring lasting change into people’s lives with this campaign.”

The TVC shows a lady at a coaching center and a parking lot where she asks for proof of the authenticity of the claims made by the store owners and the security guard, respectively, who cannot offer a suitable reply. In the 3rd scene, the lady asks for proof of the claim made by the salesman in a supermarket that Saffola Honey is 100% pure. In response, the salesman asks the lady to refer to the pack of Saffola Honey, which mentions it passes all government standards and is NMR tested for sugar adulteration. The salesman further explains that NMR testing can detect even the smallest amount of adulteration, thereby assuring the lady of the product’s quality and purity, which impresses her. The final scene shows the lady joining the shopkeeper to encourage the viewers to purchase Saffola Honey, a pure honey.

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