Prime Minister Modi highlights progress in Global food security and nutrition

Prime Minister Modi highlights progress in Global food security and nutrition
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India's G20 Presidency holds immense significance on the global stage. As one of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies, India's leadership in the G20 offers a platform to address pressing global challenges. During its presidency, India has an opportunity to shape the international agenda, foster collaboration on critical issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and economic stability, and promote inclusive growth that benefits its citizens and the global community. India's G20 Presidency is poised to impact the future of international relations and global governance, focusing on equitable solutions and a commitment to cooperative diplomacy.

In a recent interview with Press Trust of India (PTI), Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delved into India's presidency, highlighting critical initiatives and goals for the nation on the global stage. The interview touched upon several significant achievements, including India's adoption of the Deccan High-Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition, promoting sustainable superfoods, and advocating for climate-smart and digital agriculture.

India's Global leadership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the interview by emphasizing India's commitment to global leadership. As a nation with a rich cultural heritage and a growing economic footprint, India has played a vital role in shaping international discourse and action. Modi stated that India's presidency presented an opportunity to address pressing global issues and contribute to meaningful solutions.

Deccan high-level principles on food security and nutrition

One of the noteworthy achievements during India's presidency was the adoption of the Deccan High-Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition. These principles hold immense significance as they address a global challenge of paramount importance—hunger and malnutrition. India's leadership in this initiative underscores its commitment to combating these pressing issues within its borders and globally. The principles provide a roadmap for nations to enhance their efforts to ensure access to nutritious food for all, particularly vulnerable populations.

Promotion of sustainable superfoods – ‘Shree Anna’

Prime Minister Modi's interview highlighted India's passion for sustainable superfoods, particularly ‘Shree Anna’. This term refers to millets and other ancient grains that have been a part of Indian agriculture for centuries. These crops are celebrated for their resilience in diverse climatic conditions and exceptional nutritional value. India's presidency brought attention to the potential of these grains to contribute significantly to global food security and nutrition. By advocating for sustainable superfoods, India aims to foster healthier dietary habits and reduce the environmental impact of food production.

International initiative for research on millets and ancient grains

Building on its commitment to sustainable superfoods, India, through its Agriculture Ministers, launched an international initiative for research on millets and other ancient grains. Research and innovation in these crops can lead to improved agricultural practices, enhanced yields, and the development of nutritious and sustainable food products. This initiative reflects India's dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to address global food security challenges.

Climate-smart and digital agriculture

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of a climate-smart and digital approach to agriculture. Climate-smart practices focus on adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change on agriculture. Meanwhile, digital agriculture harnesses technology to optimize farming processes, enhance productivity, and provide valuable data for informed decision-making. These approaches are essential in ensuring food security in a world facing increasingly unpredictable climate patterns.

India's presidency has placed it at the forefront of global efforts to combat hunger, malnutrition, and the challenges posed by climate change in agriculture. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's interview with PTI underscores India's commitment to addressing these critical issues on the international stage. The adoption of the Deccan High-Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition, the promotion of sustainable superfoods, and the advocacy for climate-smart and digital agriculture reflect India's dedication to forging a healthier and more sustainable future for all nations. India's presidency is not merely symbolic but a testament to its commitment to action and global leadership in the fight against global challenges.

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