Tendercuts promotes local varieties of fish & their nutritional aspects

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Tendercuts promotes local varieties of fish & their nutritional aspects

Launches campaign #FishStories

TenderCuts launched its campaign - #FishStories - to highlight the nutritional value of local varieties of fresh fish in one’s diet. The campaign becomes relevant during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis as the focus is on hygiene and building immunity by consuming nutrient-rich food to stay healthy.

According to TenderCuts, a large percentage of the population consume fish, but most are not aware of the different types of local varieties of fish and their benefits. Hence, the company embarked on this campaign using Jaanu – a fictional character hailing from a fishing hamlet.

The protagonist Jaanu breathes life into the #FishStories campaign. She talks about the health benefits of consuming different types of local varieties of fish, exciting seafood recipes and their nutritional benefits. The campaign started with the Rohu Story and then moved on to delineate the importance of Pomfret, Catla, Red Snapper, Indian Mackerel and many more. It also encourages its followers to share their unique recipes with local varieties of fish.

Tendercuts promotes local varieties of fish & their nutritional aspects
TenderCuts expands its footprint in Bengaluru

Commenting on the latest campaign, Aruna Jathar, chief marketing officer of TenderCuts, said, “While the per capita consumption of fish in Tamil Nadu is 9.83 Kg, we have seen that not many of them are aware of the locally available fish varieties as well as the nutritional value of them This campaign was conceptualized to enable appreciation of the diverse range of local catch of fish and also their nutritional value. We at TenderCuts has always strived to provide a wide range and species of fresh fish in the most hygienic manner to our customers. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure people know what they consume.”

Stressing on the nutritional benefits, Vijayshree Nagarajan, chief dietician, said, “Fish is a good source of quality protein. The bioavailability of fish protein is high because of the presence of essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are required for tissue growth, immune function and the formation of haemoglobin. Fish can be taken by all age groups particularly children, pregnant and lactating women and elderly.”

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