UFlex scores big at the SIES SOP Awards 2021 with 11 Awards across 5 categories

UFlex scores big at the SIES SOP Awards 2021 with 11 Awards across 5 categories

Flexgreen NW Series - UV LED Inks

Photo - UFlex

In the fiercely competitive business environment, brands get only get one chance to make the first impression. In the quest to earn consumers’ attention with an impressive appeal, flexible packaging is preferred by many brands as an optimal way to put their best foot forward. Over the decades flexible packaging has been driving innovation for various industries, offering businesses a more affordable and customizable alternative to rigid packaging. Flexible packaging is made of lightweight materials, often plastic or resin-based, and for long has been the preferred solution for food brands, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical companies. Today, the flexible packaging world is witnessing a transition towards more and more inclusion of sustainable materials that deliver the desired value and promote a congenial environment of co-existence and underscore the importance of plastics in our daily lives.

At UFlex, developing advancements for flexible packaging applications has been a common vigour across all business functions. The company’s innovations are conceptualized taking into consideration value for customers, planned to deliver convenience for the consumers, and prepared with care for the environment with sustainable materials. It is this innovative spirit due to which UFlex’ products have made their mark at the prestigious SIES SOP Awards 2021 announced recently.

SIES SOP Awards encourages packaging fraternity in their endeavor for Innovation, Creativity, Developments and New Concepts across all aspects of packaging viz: Packaging – Primary and Ancillary Materials, Packages, Product Packaging, Package Printing and Graphics, Packaging Machinery and Systems, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Packages for Non – Packaging applications and other related fields.

Below are the developments by UFlex that scored at the SIES SOP Awards 2021:

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