Westfalia Fruit unveils packhouse expansion plans in Mozambique

Westfalia Fruit unveils packhouse expansion plans in Mozambique
Photo - Westfalia Fruit

Westfalia Fruit is pleased to announce a significant development that underscores its steadfast commitment to propelling Mozambique's avocado sector forward. With a focus on fostering growth and innovation, the company is proud to unveil its upcoming packhouse expansion initiative.

The upgrade of the packhouse facilities is currently in progress, with an anticipated completion date set for the second week of February 2024. This expansion marks a pivotal stride in solidifying the company’s position within the market while emphasizing its dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and value. The expansion aims to accommodate increased demand and reinforce Westfalia Fruit’s commitment to community development and collaboration, thereby enhancing Mozambique's growing avocado industry.

Photo - Westfalia Fruit

Having witnessed notable growth in avocado production volume throughout 2023, Westfalia Fruit is poised to elevate operational efficiency, particularly during the crucial picking and packing phases. This initiative aligns with its continuous pursuit of operational excellence and responsiveness to market dynamics.

As Westfalia Fruit embarks on this ambitious journey of growth and progress, the company extends its sincere appreciation to all its stakeholders, partners, and the diligent community of growers who have played a pivotal role in shaping the success. This packhouse expansion embodies not only the company’s dedication to Mozambique's avocado sector but also signifies a significant stride towards reinforcing the local economy and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. With the imminent completion of this expansion project, Westfalia Fruit remains enthusiastic about its ongoing contributions to Mozambique's flourishing avocado industry. Through a commitment to excellence, the company looks forward to sharing the rewards of prosperity with all those involved.

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