Aker BioMarine sets its sights on India as a growth market for its Superba Krill oil ingredient

Aker BioMarine sets its sights on India as a growth market for its Superba Krill oil ingredient
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Aker BioMarine, a global biotech innovator and leader in krill oil, is excited about the potential for its growth strategy in India. Recent research points to a surge in awareness on the importance of preventive healthcare, as well as a higher demand for nutraceutical-based products in India (Source: India Nutraceutical Market Research Report 2021 – 2032 from MRA Reports). This data is promising for leading ingredient innovators like Aker BioMarine, who are looking to help meet the omega-3 needs of consumers in India and around the globe.

“This growing awareness and interest among consumers in India open the doors to significant opportunities for Aker BioMarine in expanding our presence in the country’s nutraceutical market and for the ability to work with current as well as new partners and brands,” says Ross Norris, General Manager Australia & Asia Pacific, Aker BioMarine. “Globally, we are facing the challenge of an ageing population, which is no different in India. With an older demographic comes an increased risk of lifestyle diseases. Fortunately, these lifestyle disease risks can be mitigated by focusing on healthy ageing, and this is where Superba Krill oil comes in as a versatile solution with head-to-toe benefits.”

Photo - Aker BioMarine

What is Superba Krill oil?

Aker BioMarine’s flagship human ingredient is Superba Krill™ oil, a unique dietary supplement extracted from the Antarctic krill species Euphausia Superba. Krill are small shrimp-like crustaceans packed full of health promoting long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin—these four key nutrients are what helps differentiate Superba Krill oil in the supplement market. 

The real magic in this ingredient and the X factor is its phospholipid advantage.  Around every cell, we find phospholipids, a natural, integral part of the cells that help maintain the strength, flexibility and integrity of those cells and their membranes. Phospholipids, found in the cell membranes, are also found in krill oil, helping to deliver total body health benefits at a cellular level. When ingested, the human body recognizes and absorbs these fatty acids more effectively into the cell membranes in all bodily tissues.

Since 2006, Aker BioMarine has invested significantly in science, research & development, and intellectual property to understand the nutritional value and potential health benefits of krill oil and its key nutrients. Contributing to more than 200 articles and 50 studies related to krill oil benefits for human health, Aker BioMarine strives to conduct gold standard clinical research, and its growing body of evidence demonstrates krill oil's beneficial effects on health across multiple categories.

The focus of the science ranges from general health and wellness to condition specific health areas such as heart and liver health, cognitive health, joints, muscles, sports performance, skin health, eye health and PMS. And across most of our studies, the omega-3 index is measured as a valid biomarker for cellular/tissue incorporation of omega-3 fatty acids.

What potential can Superba Krill oil bring to India?

“When it comes to really understanding how big of an impact krill oil can have in India, it’s important to look at the big picture, starting with the basics,” adds Ross. “Omega-3s are some of the most important nutritional ingredients in the world today for overall health, but unfortunately, on a global scale, we are deficient. That is why it’s important for customers and consumers alike to understand the omega-3 differences from a health and sustainability standpoint. Fish oil alone cannot cover the total need for omega-3s for the world; therefore, options such as krill oil are imperative.”

Optimal blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are a worldwide rarity. Only places where fish is consumed virtually every day (like Japan and Greenland) have average Omega-3 Index levels in the desirable range (8%-12%). Most of the global population has suboptimal levels of omega-3 and that can lead to many different risk factors and lifestyle diseases.

Southeast Asia is one of the largest and fastest-growing ageing population markets in the world. In fact, every part of Asia is experiencing the transition from an ‘aging population’ to an ‘aged population’. And as we age, our focus shifts to maintaining a healthy lifespan or what is called our “healthspan” the portion of our lives spent without disease or disability.

One concern among the Indian population is cardiovascular health and krill oil is an ideal solution for this health area. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number 1 killer globally and one of the main reasons for CVD is buildup of fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood that can get stuck in arteries. The arteries are very susceptible to blockages, putting strain on the heart. The liver is vital for cleaning the blood and helping to maintain healthy levels of nutrients in the blood (including fat), therefore optimal liver health is essential to having a healthy blood system and therefore reducing stress on the heart.

“Superba Krill oil shows promise in addressing heart health concerns and maintaining optimal liver health, making it a perfect fit for the needs of the Indian market,” adds Ross.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many consumers, including those in India. At Aker BioMarine, sustainability has been part of our DNA since inception. Equally important to the human health perspective of our company, is the health of the oceans, and we approach this on multiple levels. Science proves the krill fishery is one of the world’s most well-managed and sustainable fisheries. In addition to monitoring and supporting science, we are actively monitoring climate change, reducing our CO2 emissions, improving our technology platforms, acting transparently, and letting our certifications speak for themselves.

“We recognize India's strategic importance and are committed to providing science-backed, sustainable solutions to address the needs of Indian consumers. It is our goal to help contribute to their well-being and provide a solution that checks off all the boxes,” adds Ross.

Aker BioMarine/Superba Krill oil will be exhibiting at Booth No: D08 at Vitafoods India from 13 – 15 February 2024 at the Pavilion 1, Jio World Convention Center, in Mumbai.

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