Corbion to promote comprehensive sustainable preservation at Food Ingredients Europe 2023

Corbion to promote comprehensive sustainable preservation at Food Ingredients Europe 2023
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The global ingredients leader will shine a light on the ability of today’s nature-based preservation solutions to help manufacturers create more sustainable value chains while delivering food safety, shelf life, and value-adding sensory attributes.

Corbion, the global leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives, and nature-based preservation technologies, known for its expertise in food preservation, will highlight the ways that today’s advanced nature-based preservation solutions can deliver multiple benefits when it returns to Food Ingredients Europe, 28 to 30 November in Frankfurt, Germany. Visitors to the Corbion booth (Stand 3.1 F138) in Messe Frankfurt can see for themselves how Corbion uses a variety of vinegar, natural ferments, and plant-based antioxidants to protect foods from pathogens and spoilage organisms without compromising flavor, texture, or other important sensory attributes that shape the consumer’s eating experience.

“As a company, we declare that our purpose is to Preserve What Matters, and it’s important that our ingredient solutions deliver on that promise,” said Simone Bouman, vice president of Sustainable Food Solutions EMEA. “Corbion is well-known for effectively using products of natural fermentation to protect food safety and shelf life. Our customers, however, also need to protect the flavor, texture, color, and aroma of their products because they determine whether consumers will buy those products again. We put a great deal of focus on protecting all the things that matter to our customers.”

Corbion takes a comprehensive, nature-inspired approach to meeting the preservation needs of manufacturers in an array of food industry segments. In meat and poultry, Corbion solutions help processors protect against pathogen risks and spoilage organisms that shorten shelf life and increase food waste by compromising product aroma, color, and texture. In refrigerated foods, as well as sauces, dressings, and condiments, the company’s ingredient portfolio preserves product freshness and integrity longer. Furthermore, Corbion’s formulation expertise enables its customers to reduce sodium content without losing the functionality that salt provides.

In baking, Corbion has played a lead role in helping customers achieve quality and shelf life goals in their fresh-baked goods, including the use of effective, nature-based mold inhibitors.

While in confectionery, Corbion solutions help confectioners achieve the combination of sourness and longer shelf life, enabling their success in the market. Across all these industries, Corbion is helping reduce food waste, creating more sustainable value chains.

Fi Europe attendees will also have the chance to learn about benefits beyond these ingredient solutions provided by Corbion, including access to assistance from experienced technical staff, recently upgraded meat labs in Europe, and advanced predictive modeling tools that help identify and implement the right ingredient solutions quickly and effectively.

“We’re excited about what we have to offer customers, in terms of the latest nature-based technologies, market insights, and all-around technical support,” Bouman added, “and we always look forward to Fi Europe, learning about our customers’ challenges, beginning new collaborations, taking the first steps toward another sustainable market innovation. It’s an important opportunity for us to inspire each other and start to turn what we know is possible into reality.”

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