GEA presents new continuous process for bacon at IPPE 2024

GEA presents new continuous process for bacon at IPPE 2024
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Exhibiting under the banner ‘Excellence in Protein Processing,’ food system supplier GEA will once again be welcoming visitors to the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta (US) with its latest innovations. An impressive selection of GEA’s food processing and packaging machines, including slicing, packaging, cooking, freezing, and marination solutions, will be showcased. One highlight will be the company’s new continuous line for bacon, details of which will be available at IPPE for the first time.

“Our participation in shows like IPPE allows us to connect directly with customers,” says Azam Owaisi, chief executive officer of GEA North America. “The new technologies we showcase provide various innovative solutions based on their business needs in the food industry.”

Continuous bacon line

Visitors to IPPE will have the opportunity to learn about GEA’s new continuous bacon process, which significantly increases speed and capacity, taking the ‘batch’ out of bacon production and simplifying the creation of this ever-popular food. This all-in-one solution comes with the option of a fully incorporated smoking stage, offering much shorter process times than a conventional smokehouse. The system perfectly complements GEA’s signature injection machine, the MultiJector 2mm, which injects the brine into the bacon using a dense needle pattern for even distribution and retention. It will be displayed on the stand. After the smoking step, bacon hardening is handled by GEA’s A-Tec spiral freezer, providing the right product conditions for slicing.

Ham processing

Of particular note and appearing for the first time at IPPE, GEA will showcase the OptiSlicer 6000, a high-speed slicing machine designed for standard-shaped products such as cooked ham, calibrated sausage, salami, and cheese. Various portions, including shingle, stack, zig-zag, shaved, interleaved, and folded, are all possible with this versatile slicer, which slices with pinpoint accuracy, keeping wastage to a minimum.

Visitors will also be able to find out more about GEA’s market-leading technology for defrosting, including the efficient ColdSteam T. This is a defrosting tumbler featuring a significant reduction in defrosting times and increased yield due to reduced weight loss from the purge. Suitable for all types of meat and poultry, the ColdSteam T is ideal for processors looking to retain optimum moisture in their ham before marination and brining.

PowerPak thermoformer

At the packing end, GEA’s highly flexible PowerPak MidSize will also appear at IPPE, offering many thermoformed packaging options for virtually any food item. This convenient and reliable machine can produce all well-known package types, such as MAP, skin and vacuum packs, or sustainable solutions, including the GEA FoodTray. Units are available for immediate delivery.

Cooking and freezing technology

GEA will also show the latest cooking and freezing technology. A model of the company’s CookStar will be on the stand alongside vital information on cooking technologies. Freezing solutions include GEA’s ever-popular A-Tec Spiral Freezer, a mainstay for food manufacturers worldwide since its launch in 1999. The latest generation of A-Tecs boasts a convenient recirculating clean-in-place system capable of 14 days of continuous operation at up to 7 tons per hour. Visitors will also learn about the IVRT Carton Freezer, which can handle various product sizes and types in cartons, totes, or crates with different chilling and freezing profiles.

GEA offers a complete line of solutions for protein products, including defrosting, forming, cooking, smoking, brine preparation, injection, tenderizing, tumbling, and freezing, right through to slicing and packaging. Customers can be assured of stringent process control, which results in consistent, repeatable, and premium quality results.

GEA at IPPE, Booth C35125

30 January–1 February, 2024

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA

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