GEA to showcase sustainable and digital solutions at Inter FoodTech 2024

Visit Hall 1, stall no. B13 to explore GEA’s advanced and innovative solutions for the food, dairy, and beverage processing industries
GEA Cooling Conveyors
GEA Cooling ConveyorsPhoto - GEA

GEA, a global leader in providing technological solutions across diverse industries, including food, beverage, dairy, chemical, energy, pharma, and other allied industries, is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming Inter FoodTech exhibition with its innovative, digital, and sustainable solutions for food & beverage industries. Scheduled from 5 - 7 June 2024 at Yashobhoomi (IICC), Dwarka, New Delhi, the event will serve as a platform for GEA to present its cutting-edge innovations and sustainable solutions, reaffirming its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Amidst the dynamic realm of food and beverage technologies, where innovation meets sustainability, GEA stands as a stalwart. As a Manager Marketing, for the India Cluster region, Manoj Borse provides us with insights into GEA's participation in the upcoming Inter FoodTech exhibition.

A legacy of excellence

"GEA is one of the pioneers and largest suppliers of systems and components to various industries," stated Manoj Borse, Manager Marketing. "Founded in 1881 in Germany, our company provides advanced process technologies, components, automation, digitalization, and comprehensive services. We excel in creating large-scale production facilities that are both efficient and sustainable, ensuring our customers remain competitive and ahead of market trends."

With over the last 6 decades of presence in India, GEA operates major manufacturing units in Vadodara and Bengaluru, catering to dairy, food, beverage, pharma, environment, power, and other applications. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, GEA caters to diverse universe demands while ensuring stringent quality norms, food safety, and operational efficiency.

Premium crumbs coated products outfeed CrumbMaster Gen 2
Premium crumbs coated products outfeed CrumbMaster Gen 2Photo - GEA

Commitment to R&D and Innovation

"At GEA, we prioritize R&D and innovation, offering customers access to state-of-the-art test facilities and expert teams," Borse explained. "Our global test centers are designed to meet individual customer needs, helping them optimize procedures, evaluate processes, and innovate without disrupting day-to-day production or incurring unnecessary financial risks."

GEA's extensive research and development efforts have resulted in reliable operational data and test results, supporting scalable design and optimized production.

Photo - GEA

Exciting exhibits at Inter FoodTech

With the support of over 18,000 dedicated employees, GEA offers engineering solutions in more than 150 countries. GEA plans to showcase several pioneering technologies at Inter FoodTech, reflecting its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Highlights include:

New Food Technologies: Focusing on alternative protein, vegan foods and protein-rich components, GEA supports the development and production of nutritious, sustainable, and ethical foods consumers seek.

Dairy Processing Technologies: From large-scale milk and milk product processing facilities to individual equipment, GEA provides comprehensive solutions for producing fresh milk and premium dairy products.

GEA FoodTray sustainable food packaging: The GEA FoodTray offers a sustainable, high-quality MAP food package that reduces plastic usage by up to 80%. The resource-saving package produced by thermoforming packaging machines is a smart solution that provides sustainability without compromising shelf life.

Aseptic Filling and Packaging: GEA's aseptic fillers are designed for a wide range of sensitive products, ensuring safety and quality. These products include high or low acid, still or carbonates, clear or viscous, and those with pulp, fibers, and pieces of fruit or cereals.

Freeze Drying Solutions: The RAY™ freeze drying plants from GEA preserve product structure and size, nutrients, flavors, and colors, benefiting multiple food processing areas such as fish, fruits, coffee and herbs.

Heating & Cooling Solutions: With precise temperature control, GEA's sophisticated, natural refrigerant based cooling and heating systems optimize food production environments, ensuring product quality and shelf life along with sustainable solutions.

Bakery Solutions: With over a century of experience, GEA offers complete production lines for bakery products, covering all processing stages, from ingredient receiving and bulk handling to liquid and powder processing, control systems, refrigeration, and packaging services.

Food Processing Solutions: From preparation to packaging, GEA provides innovative solutions for processing various food categories, ensuring hygiene, quality, and sustainability. GEA’s technical expertise is complemented by project management, planning and cost control services to help its customers achieve flexible and cost-effective food production.

GEA RAY™ freeze drying plants
GEA RAY™ freeze drying plantsPhoto - GEA

Speaking about the event, Borse added, "Inter FoodTech provides a valuable opportunity to connect with potential clients, expand our network, gauge market trends, and gain exposure to a wider audience. We look forward to showcasing our products and services through live demonstrations, which offer impactful insights into our capabilities."

GEA anticipates that the trade show will enhance its visibility and enable real-time visitor feedback. "Our participation reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and engineering innovation, which we believe will resonate with industry experts, researchers, and other stakeholders. This could be a great opportunity to promote our sustainable (Add Better) and digital solutions to enhance plant performance and meet the customers objectives of green label," he added.

Invitation to visitors

Manoj Borse invites visitors to highlight GEA's global reach, extensive local presence, and the comprehensive depth and breadth of its processing expertise and portfolio, all driven by a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.

During the show, GEA will showcase its latest technologies for the F&B and dairy processing industries. The company offers process solutions for the food processing sector like food ingredients, frozen food, new food, liquid foods, seafood, oil & fats, bakery, pasta, extruded snacks, pallets, meat processing, RTE/RTS, freeze-dried products, fruits and vegetable processing, slicing, and packaging solutions. In the beverage processing, GEA offers process solutions for carbonates, juices, instant tea and coffee, milk-based as well as plant-based beverages.”

"We invite visitors to experience our cutting-edge technologies and innovations at Hall 1, Stall B13, from 5- 7 June 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the latest advancements, market trends, and innovations," said Manoj Borse.

Photo - GEA

Mission and vision

GEA remains committed to safeguarding future generations through sustainable solutions for the health & nutrition industries, as exemplified by its participation in Inter FoodTech 2024.

For more information, visit GEA at Inter FoodTech 2024 and discover how their technologies can enhance your production processes and sustainability efforts.

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