IFFCO at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024

Leading the way in Innovation and Sustainability in the Global Food Industry
IFFCO Booth at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024
IFFCO Booth at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024Photo - IFFCO

As the global food industry continues to evolve, the demand for innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability and cater to diverse consumer preferences is on the rise. IFFCO Group, a leading multinational FMCG group, is not just keeping pace with this transformation, but is also setting new standards. This was emphasized by Mohamad Itani, CEO - Oils & Fats, GCC, Levant, IFFCO during an exclusive interview about their unique and impactful participation at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024.

Mohamad Itani, CEO - Oils & Fats, GCC, Levant, IFFCO
Mohamad Itani, CEO - Oils & Fats, GCC, Levant, IFFCO

Established in 1975, IFFCO has emerged as a powerhouse in the FMCG sector. Its portfolio of esteemed brands, including London Dairy, Tiffany, Noor, Rahma, Al Baker, Hayat, and Savannah, and industry solutions and services enrich the lives of millions worldwide. The company has 95 operations in 50 countries, supported by around 15,000 employees, and its 80+ brands are available in over 100 countries.

Photo - IFFCO

IFFCO at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024

At SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024, IFFCO is showcasing two segments of its portfolio: IFFCO Professional and IFFCO Industrial Solutions. These segments encompass a wide array of solutions tailored to meet the needs of professionals across various industries, ranging from food and beverage to health and technical sectors.

  • IFFCO Professional was created to become the broad-line solution provider for any operator within the Professional Industry, supplying food, beverage, non-food products and services. It offers indulgent solutions, 100% plant-based meat, frying solutions, beverage solutions and cooking solutions.

  • IFFCO Industrial Solutions includes producing a wide range of premium quality fats and oils that cater to the food, feed, health and technical industries worldwide, across its state-of-the-art facilities in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It offers packaging solutions, confectionery solutions, culinary & savory solutions, plant-based solutions and bakery solutions.

Brands at the Show

London Dairy, Igloo, Tiffany, Seville, Savanah, NOOR, Rahma, Sunny, Hayat, Pristine, THRYVE, Al Baker, Just Chill Drinks, EMPET

Focus on R&D and Innovation under Vision 2030

According to Mohamad Itani, IFFCO's commitment to innovation extends to its pivotal role in supporting Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 objectives. Their groundbreaking advancements in the plant-based sector align seamlessly with initiatives such as the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) and the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI), aimed at combatting climate change and promoting sustainability on a global scale. He explains:

  • IFFCO’s groundbreaking advancements in the plant-based sector will significantly contribute to support the progress of the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI), which aims to unify efforts to protect the environment, promote energy transition and support sustainability with the overarching goals of offsetting and reducing emissions, increasing the Kingdom’s use of clean energy and addressing climate change.

  • IFFCO also collaborated on the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI), a regional effort led by Saudi Arabia that brings together government ministries, private sector entities and foreign leaders, to mitigate the impact of climate change on the region and to work together to meet global climate targets.

Global Sustainability Initiatives and Future Plans

At the heart of IFFCO's sustainability initiatives lies a dedication to offering innovative, environmentally conscious food products. Shedding light on more of such initiatives, Mohamad Itani elaborates:

  • IFFCO is expanding its product lines to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, introducing innovative and culturally relevant food products. Their new launches include Noor Soup and THRYVE Faba-lous Pops, plant-based chicken pops made from faba beans. They have also launched certified carbon-neutral olive oil products and collaborated with The Coffee Club coffee shop chain to create a new vegan dish.

  • To further its sustainability efforts, IFFCO has opened the first 100% plant-based meat factory in the Middle East and allocated AED 77 million towards various sustainability initiatives. This includes targeting a 17% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 4.8% reduction in energy consumption by 2025. The group is also working closely with governments to shape policies that support the growth of the plant-based product sector.

  • IFFCO is currently developing a 300,000-square-foot edible oil packing plant at DP World’s Berbera Economic Zone in Somaliland, underscoring our proactive approach to geographic diversification and market penetration.

  • IFFCO recently completed the full acquisition of its operations in Turkey, embodying its strategic growth endeavors and dedication to expanding our portfolio. Its priority remains on strengthening market presence and providing increased value to stakeholders through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

IFFCO Recognitions:

  • Noor Sunflower oil – number 1 in KSA

  • Noor Sunflower oil is number 1 in GCC

  • IFFCO is number 1 in olive oil in GCC

  • Noor Canola oil is Number 1 in GCC

Invitation to Visitors

IFFCO invites visitors to explore their flagship stand at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024 at Hall 3 – Booth G3-26, within the IFFCO Pavilion. Mohamad Itani extends a warm invitation to join their team, discover their diverse portfolio of brands, and explore the impactful industry solutions and services that touch the lives of millions globally.

IFFCO Group's participation at SaudiFood Manufacturing 2024 symbolizes their unwavering commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions and driving innovation in the food industry. As they continue to expand their global footprint and spearhead transformative initiatives, IFFCO remains dedicated to shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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