It´s all about sustainability: Heubach Group at PlastIndia 2023

It´s all about sustainability: Heubach Group at PlastIndia 2023
Photo - Heubach Group
  • Heubach showcases a broad range of sustainable colorants solutions for plastics

  • Meet Heubach experts at the booth in Hall 2F, First Floor, Stall C-7-A

PlastIndia 2023 takes place February 1-5 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. For Heubach, this year´s PlastIndia is all about sustainability: The company is showcasing a range of organic and inorganic pigments, dyes, and comprehensive color solutions that support the plastics industry on its trajectory toward more sustainable solutions. Heubach is an important partner for the industry and presents its solutions under the theme 'Let’s build a colorful future together'.

“Plastic provides lots of advantages over other materials. For instance, it contributes to protecting food or reducing the weight of vehicles. According to some studies, plastics even have lower greenhouse gas contribution than alternatives in most applications," highlights Sambit Roy, head - Global Marketing, Heubach. He adds, “New and innovative color solutions are essential to improve sustainability in the plastics industry. Our company´s experts look forward to sharing their newest insights on a broad range of topics, from recycling and biodegradable pigments over the newest innovations for spin-dying to color solutions for highly demanding applications.”

Heubach organic and inorganic pigments, dyes, and color solutions contribute to sustainability in different ways:

  • Heubach improves the footprint of its pigments already during its production process, e.g. by using bio-based raw materials, green energy, or ensuring low water intake.

  • Also when being processed, Heubach pigments have a positive impact on sustainability: With their high dispersibility, Heubach pigments require lower energy consumption during the masterbatch production and higher throughput at fiber producers. High-quality consistency helps manufacturers to improve their first past quality level.

  • Last, but not least, sustainability is also about increasing the lifespan of plastic articles. Pigments with high light and weather fastness are key to maintaining the usability and quality of plastic objects for a longer time span.

Heubach has the broadest portfolio of colorant solutions in the industry and will present a range of products at PlastIndia that have different ways of positively contributing to sustainability.

Lower Environmental Footprint

Ultrazur: the new Ultramarine blue pigment is produced in a brand-new factory in India, using state-of-the-art technology that reduces CO2 emissions, water intake, and energy consumption.

Supporting customers’ sustainability goals

Pigments with excellent dispersibility help the masterbatch producers get full-color strength out of the pigment and reduce the time and energy necessary to disperse it in the extruder. They are also recommended for the mass coloration of fibers and filaments, supporting the growth of mass dyeing versus bath dyeing, which is a great contribution to sustainability. Heubach will showcase at PlastIndia, among others, highly dispersible pigments like PV Fast Pink E, Graphtol Yellow 3GP, Graphtol Yellow H2R, PV Fast Red E5B, and PV Fast Blue A4R.

Pigments with ZDHC certification make textiles more sustainable and environmentally friendly. PV Fast Pink E, PV Fast Pink E01, and PV Fast Red E5B have received the MRSL compliance; other pigments are under testing.

Pigments with excellent light-and weather fastness increase the lifespan of plastic articles, especially for outdoor applications, such as window profiles, fences, automotive interiors, and artificial grass. The inorganic pigments of Heubach ranges HEUCODUR and VANADUR offer excellent solutions.

For the replacement of harmful lead chromate and molybdate pigments, Heubach provides safe formulations based on its ranges of inorganic and organic pigments HEUCODUR, VANADUR, VYNAMON, PV Fast.

Cool colors are another strong contribution to sustainability through energy saving. Heubach inorganic pigments HEUCODUR are a perfect choice.

Finally, Heubach also offers several solutions for the recycling of plastic, from the proper sorting of black plastics to the easy and safe coloration of recycled polymers. Heubach also offers a range of pigments certified 'OK compost' for compostable plastics.

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