Meet Laitram Machinery at Vinacas 2024

Laitram’s state-of-the-art technologies for the nut processing industry - CoolSteam® Black and CoolSteam® Blue

US-based Laitram Machinery, a global leader in food processing technology, is set to make a significant mark at the 13th Vinacas Golden Cashew Rendezvous, scheduled to take place from 26 to 28 February 2024, in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. Renowned for its legacy of innovation and dedication to shaping the future of food processing, Laitram Machinery will participate and share its expertise in cutting-edge technologies for the nut processing industry, specifically highlighting the CoolSteam® Black Tree Nut Pasteurization and Roasting and CoolSteam® Blue Nut Pasteurization System.

Laitram Machinery has solidified its reputation as the leader in Nut Pasteurization, offering technologies designed to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, simplify processes, and elevate the standards of tree nut processing, especially cashews, no matter the size.

It is noteworthy that Laitram's nut pasteurization technology has demonstrated exceptional efficacy, achieving a 5-log Reduction in pathogens in all tree nuts without changing the organoleptic characteristics of the product; customers can’t tell the difference between a Raw or Pasteurized nut, no matter what type of nut.

Vinacas 2024: A premier platform for the Cashew industry

Vinacas (Vietnam Cashew Association) is a well-known platform that brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators in the cashew industry to explore opportunities, foster strategic partnerships, and close business deals. The event is the world's foremost trade show for cashew processors, processing equipment, and scientific innovations. It provides the ideal stage for companies like Laitram Machinery to demonstrate its latest advancements in transforming cashew processing and helping processors reduce their OPEX.

Laitram Machinery at Vinacas 2024

Laitram Machinery's participation in Vinacas 2024 signifies a commitment to sharing its expertise and contributing to the advancement of the nut industry. The company understands the needs of the nut processing industry, especially cashews, and provides high-quality processing equipment utilizing CoolSteam technology. This unique process uses low-temperature steam and forced convection to create a mixture of air and steam at temperatures below 212°F (100°C). This gentle process preserves the product's nutrients and flavor organically; customers won’t see the difference between a Raw or Pasteurized Cashew.

Visitors to the show can expect in-depth insights into CoolSteam® Black and CoolSteam® Blue functionalities and the opportunity to engage with experts from Laitram Machinery.

  • CoolSteam® Black represents a paradigm shift in traditional pasteurizing and brining roasting, offering a continuous flow mechanism resulting in a ready-to-pack product with no need for further reduced temperature. It ensures precision and consistency at every stage. This innovative approach enhances efficiency and maintains the highest quality standards in the roasted products. Integrating a brine applicator (first-in-first-out 4-step process coupled with CoolSteam Pasteurization, Precision Roasting with integrated briner) further adds to the versatility of CoolSteam® Black, allowing for a customized flavor infusion that caters to diverse culinary preferences.

  • CoolSteam® Blue is a continuous steam nut pasteurization system. The company has conducted extensive research on the food safety challenges faced by tree nut processors, leading to the development of Laitram CoolSteam® Blue. This nut pasteurization system has been successfully installed in over 40 nut pasteurization lines worldwide.

CoolSteam® Blue's continuous nature of the process ensures consistent and thorough pasteurization of nuts, addressing critical food safety concerns while maintaining the inherent flavor and quality of the product, resulting in a ready-to-pack product.

Laitram Machinery's vision for the future includes innovation, elevated food safety and quality, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable practices. These solutions are designed for operational safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of use, and maintenance. Laitram Machinery's commitment extends beyond equipment provision; its world-class technical support team stands ready to assist from installation to troubleshooting, ensuring customers have the resources they need to thrive.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet the team of experts Mr. Dang Duy Khanh (Account Manager, Vietnam) from Laitram Machinery at the 13th Vinacas Golden Cashew Rendezvous, scheduled to take place from 26 to 28 February 2024 in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.

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