Meet Standard Machinery Corporation at Inter FoodTech and Snack & BakeTec 2024

Meet Standard Machinery Corporation at Inter FoodTech and Snack & BakeTec 2024

With a rich legacy spanning 77 years, Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC) emerges as a distinguished leader in the food processing industry. Renowned for its top-tier equipment catering to a diverse range of sectors such as bakery, chocolate, packaging, and dairy, SMC embodies a steadfast commitment to excellence. Beyond conventional boundaries, SMC excels in meat, fruits, and vegetables processing, offering complete solutions tailored to meet the unique specifications of each client. As agents for overseas companies, SMC ensures access to the latest innovations, reflecting a dedication to fostering growth and development in India's fastest growing Food Processing Industry. Its marketing footprint extends not only across western zones but also encompasses Sri Lanka and India, reflecting our commitment to regional growth and development.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Inter FoodTech and Snack & BakeTec expo scheduled from 5 to 7 June at Yashobhoomi (IICC), Dwarka, New Delhi, Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC) gears up to showcase its pioneering contributions to the food processing industry. In an exclusive interview with Ramana Reddy, Vice President – Projects at SMC, insights were shared regarding the company's participation and its innovative offerings.

Innovation and R&D

Reddy emphasizes SMC's commitment to innovation through continuous research and development efforts. "We prioritize innovation through continuous R&D efforts, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet evolving industry needs," he affirms. Strategic partnerships with leading institutions and experts enable SMC to pioneer new solutions in food processing and packaging, driven by a deep understanding of customer challenges and a sustainability-focused approach.

Standard Machinery Corporation at Inter FoodTech 2024

At the upcoming expo, SMC will exhibit alongside its 15 + Business Partners from various categories in the food segment. Visitors can expect to witness the latest innovations in food processing technology, ranging from individual machines to comprehensive solutions. "We are displaying a machine as well as product samples, including our renowned Chocolate depositing machine," Reddy reveals.

By participating in platforms like Inter FoodTech and Snack & BakeTec, SMC aims to enhance brand visibility, gather market insights, stay updated on industry trends, and generate business development opportunities. Reddy states, "Our expectations from the trade show are primarily focused on networking, lead generation, and showcasing our company's offerings to a targeted audience. We aim to connect with potential clients, partners, and industry experts to explore collaboration opportunities and expand our business network. Ultimately, our goal is to generate interest in our products and services, establish meaningful connections, and contribute to the event's success."

Past successes and future aspirations

Reflecting on past experiences, Reddy highlights the positive outcomes and fruitful interactions SMC has enjoyed at previous editions of the expo. He said the show has provided excellent networking opportunities, leading to valuable partnerships and business opportunities. "We've had the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of industry professionals and gain valuable insights into market dynamics and emerging technologies" he shares. Looking ahead, SMC envisions expanding its global reach, driving innovation, and shaping the future of food processing.

Invitation to visitors

Reddy warmly invites customers and visitors to experience the future of food processing at SMC's stall. "Join us at Inter FoodTech to experience excellence in food processing. Discover our latest innovations, cutting-edge technology, personalized attention, and networking opportunities," he says.

SMC's stall, located at Stand E01, promises an immersive experience where visitors can explore groundbreaking solutions and engage with industry experts. "We are normally the Largest Exhibitor, and our stand size is close to 400 square meters," Mr. Reddy adds.

As the countdown to Inter FoodTech and Snack & BakeTec 2024 begins, SMC stands ready to redefine standards in the food processing industry with its innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence. Join SMC at Stand E01 and embark on a journey of food processing innovation and technological advancement.

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