PACKult brings its diversified packaging solutions to Inter FoodTech

The company offers an extensive range of services encompassing creative concepts, packaging innovations, value engineering, sourcing & operational excellence, and more.
PACKult team at Inter FoodTech
PACKult team at Inter FoodTech

PACKult consists of a group of packaging experts fiercely dedicated to the cause of better packaging. Promoted by Reifenhauser Germany and packaging industry legends Suresh Gupta (Ex-CMD Huhtamaki), Amitava Ray (Ex-President, Uflex), and Manish Mehta (MD, Reifenhauser India and Packult), the company provides deep Packaging & Machine expertise to facilitate Packaging Development, Value Engineering, Sustainable packaging solutions & Process Excellence

Venkatesh.P. Iyengar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, PACKult Studio, talked about the company and said, “We are a premier packaging solutions consulting company and provide services for brands, whether it is food or non-food, for various applications and verticals. Working with customers, right from Artwork and Artwork Management, Packaging Innovations and Optimization to Sourcing Excellence and Process Excellence, PACKult provides 360-degree packaging solutions to the industry.”

Multi-domain expertise

PACKult boasts an ecosystem of experts in all major packaging materials and formats. Iyengar shed light on the same and said, “We have a talented pool of packaging technologists, food technologists, creative team, and process excellence experts encompassing the entire value chain of packaging and post packaging expertise. The intent is to give brand owners and converters, a unique UX where they get ‘best-in-class’ packaging development and related services supported by experts with several decades of expertise in Indian and international markets at a very affordable cost.”

A broad area of cooperation with brands and converters

The packaging experts at PACKult can provide a range of services like packaging innovations and cost savings initiatives, graphics and artwork development, brand designing, 3D modeling, sustainable solutions, process excellence, machine upgradation, mergers and acquisitions, cooperative marketing, and sourcing excellence, all under one roof.

Packult’s broad areas of offerings for brands and converters are:

Artwork Design & Development- Concept, logo development, KLD, artwork, design development, 2D and 3D modeling, and mockup development.

Packaging Innovation- Packaging development, sustainable/innovative solutions, shelf-life studies, and specification optimization.

Manpower Resourcing- Support with skilled packaging resources based on customer requirements, from temporary manpower for 6/9/12 months or beyond (onsite, offsite, or hybrid) and extended packaging development partner (retainership or project-based).

Value Improvement- Cost savings initiatives through optimization of structure, thickness, weight, and conversion processes, size optimization, seal width optimization, cost-effective alternative packaging options, complexity reduction, and benchmarking.

Sourcing Excellence- Vendor development and vendor audits.

Process Excellence- For brand owners- Automation and end-of-line solutions. For converters- Upgradation, retrofitting, automation, troubleshooting, commissioning / decommissioning or any other services related to extrusion, printing (wide/narrow web), laminators (solvent less/ solvent based), metallization, slitting and pouching machines.

Providing cutting-edge technology through innovation

R&D and innovation are the key areas that companies focus on to gain an edge over competitors and offer the latest technology to customers. Iyengar believes that with PACKult’s eminent stakeholders, the company has a reservoir of knowledge that helps them constantly innovate and bring out the best in their team. Laying out the company’s experience, he said, “Our biggest asset is that we are a knowledge-based organization. We know the market, the applications, and the development and are abreast with the latest technology, and what the industry has to offer. Our team of experts comes from reputed organizations who have worked at several levels in the industry. So, we have the technical capability and competence for the latest cutting-edge solutions for the packaging industry’s needs.”

Sustainability solutions for a better world

Iyengar shared that PACKult is abreast of the latest developments in sustainable packaging space, thanks to its Reifenhauser connection. For example, state-of-the-art Machine-Direction Oriented (MDO) film lines from Reifenhauser Germany are a giant leap towards mono material laminate solutions. Describing their utility as sustainable solutions, he said, “MDO lines are specific specialized films that can be extruded to the thinnest levels and are very stable when it comes to printing. These films come with or without barrier properties. So, they can be tailor-made for sustainable solutions.” The internal teams at PACKult are drawn from the industry and are constantly working on several sustainable solutions which include running a global program on sustainability.

Making strides at Inter FoodTech

PACKult is taking part in Inter FoodTech, the premier technology supplier fair for the food and beverage industry in Mumbai. At the event, PACKult is displaying some of their product prototypes that visitors can explore, which includes their innovative Hand Punch Energy Sports Drink Pack that won the award at the IFCA Star Award 2022.

Pleased with the response at the event on the first day, Iyengar said, “We got very good inquiries, especially from startups and food companies, which is exactly the target that we were hoping to achieve or rather exhibit to. It is a good beginning, and I hope the second and third days also are better than what it was today.”

“Packaging consulting solutions are the need of the hour. We can help mid-level and emerging companies by providing them with our multi-domain expertise and creating an impact through a fresh set of eyes and ideas. PACKult would be very happy to have a word with all our prospective customers, and we hope to engage with them,” he concluded.

Head over to Booth No. D31 A, Hall No. 1, to meet the PACKult team at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 7 to 9 June.

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