PlastIndia 2023 - Discover 13 French companies under the 'French Fab' excellence brand showcasing innovative solutions and equipment for the plastic industry

PlastIndia 2023 - Discover 13 French companies under the 'French Fab' excellence brand showcasing innovative solutions and equipment for the plastic industry
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The 11th edition of PlastIndia, an event related to the plastic industry towards various industrial applications, will open its doors from February 1 to 5 in New Delhi, Pragati Maidan.

The French Pavilion, booth 4H-FP, is organized by Business France, the Trade and Invest Agency of the French Embassy in India, supporting 13 French companies under the 'French Fab' brand, which brings together companies from the French industrial ecosystem.

These companies will address the major challenges of the sector with high-added value solutions, products, and materials for the industrial performance of production processes while being committed to the ecological, digital transition, and circular economy.

French market strengths for high-demand opportunities in India:

The third largest consumer of plastic in Europe, France is a key player in the sector with 9.5% of European consumption, behind Germany (24%) and Italy (13.8%). Europe ranks at the third largest position in global production (16%) compared with Asia (51%, with which China represents 31%) and the USA (19%).

India is a major player in the plastic industry worldwide, with a wealth of raw materials. Plastic exports are expected to reach 25 billion US dollars within the next three years.

An opportunity not to be missed for French companies that have developed expertise in various application sectors ranging from aeronautics and aerospace, Oil and Gas, agri-food, automotive, cosmetics, and much more.

Come and visit the French Pavilion and discover these 13 high-quality companies.

In the machinery and equipment segment, discover:

  • Epsilon Rollers designs and manufactures durable and lightweight carbon fiber rollers and systems that help convert professionals worldwide (machine manufacturers and end-users) to improve equipment performance and solve complex issues in their operations.

    - Booth H4-FP-B-17

  • ERMO manufactures multi-cavities high precision molds on flip-top closure, multi-color/material, and thin wall packaging as well as medical parts.

    - Booth H4-FP-F-04

  • ESOPP is supplying innovative BIAX film lines worldwide for commodity films with a focus on low energy costs, production efficiency, and equipment reliability.

    - Booth H4-FP-F-06

  • HPS is designing and manufactures hydraulic cylinders bringing important innovations to their customers.

    - Booth 4H-FP-B-19

  • LESCUYER ET VILLENEUVE Machine manufacturer for rubber, silicon, and plastic processes and high-quality equipment for extrusion, calendaring, and mixing applications.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-16

  • MARCHANTE S.A.S manufactures stretching lines for various industries: Conventional and high barrier films for food packaging, films and membranes for the electronics and EV industries, as well as mono-material solutions for packaging recyclability.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-14

  • MATISSART Leading company specializing in high-productivity extrusion and injection blow-molds for the plastic industry. Benefitting from its high-efficient cooling system, the company ensures high productivity and low energy consumption.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-18

  • METRAVIB manufactures innovative Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers (DMA) offering ultimate testing solutions to meet the expectations of research and industry dealing with advanced polymers and rubbers.

    - Booth 4H-FP-B-20

  • POLIMIROIR ET OUEST COATING Part of the Group PMG Steel Industries, the company is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and refurbishing rollers for the plastic industry, especially cross-flow rollers used in various production lines.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-20

  • DECOUP+ by Spoolex Designing and manufacturing standard or turnkey ultrasonic cutting and/or welding systems for textiles, non-wovens, PP-Tapes, and plastic film applications.

    - Booth 4H-FP-G-15

In the Machinery and equipment segment as well as raw materials and auxiliaries products segments, discover:

  • Apply Carbon SAS / Procotex SAS specialized in the milling or cutting of carbon leftover lots (sized or un-sized) and aramids.

    - Booth 4H-FP-B-15

  • SONIMAT is an expert in thermoplastic welding thanks to its knowledge of ultrasonic, infrared, laser, and spin welding processes.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-20

In the Machinery and equipment segment as well as Plastic products and processes segments, discover:

  • ROCTOOL Leader in rapid heat and cool technologies for plastic injection and composite molding working for the automotive, electronics, consumer products, renewable energy sectors, and much more. This eco-friendly technology removes secondary operations, thus reducing the costs of the part produced.

    - Booth 4H-FP-A-20

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