Symega Food Ingredients: Redefining culinary experiences at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Meet Symega and explore its innovative solutions at Hall No T-12, The Pavilion, Dubai World Trade Center from 7 to 9 November 2023
Symega Food Ingredients: Redefining culinary experiences at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023
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Symega Food Ingredients is a pioneering company known for its innovative and customized ingredient solutions that consistently surpass customer expectations. With a keen focus on quality and creativity, Symega offers a diverse range of products tailored to meet various culinary needs. The company's skilled professionals, including food technologists, flavourists, and sensory experts, work tirelessly to develop exceptional savoury blends, tantalizing flavours, natural food colours, and other specialty ingredients. Through its unwavering commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and advancements, Symega continues to redefine the culinary experience for consumers globally.

In a recent interview with FoodTechBiz, Treta Bhattacharyya, branding manager at Symega, shed light on the company's mission to transform the food and beverage industry. With an impressive portfolio of products and a focus on cutting-edge solutions, Symega has been making waves in the market. Bhattacharyya states, "We develop delectable savoury blends, delightful flavours, all-natural food colours, exquisite culinary products, and innovative specialty foods for the global food and beverage industry. With our thorough understanding of prevailing and forthcoming food and beverage trends, technical expertise, and a diligent team of food enthusiasts, we offer innovative ingredient solutions that redefine the world of sensory experiences for consumers."

Empowering culinary innovation: Symega's dynamic product portfolio

Headquartered in India, Symega specializes in developing, producing, and distributing an extensive range of flavours, natural colours, seasonings, culinary essentials, and plant-based products for the dynamic global food and beverage industry. Its product portfolio includes:

Savoury Blends/Seasonings: A rich assortment of seasonings, spice blends, and specialty ingredients tailored for various categories such as snacks, noodles and pasta, breakfast mixes, soups, stocks and bouillons, sprinklers, culinary, meat, poultry, and seafood, Ready-to-eat/Ready-to-cook, and food service.

Flavours: An extensive collection of natural flavours, flavour modulators and expertly crafted blends catering to baked goods, confectionery, beverages, chocolate, dips and spreads, flavoured milk and shakes, ice creams and frozen desserts, yogurt, plant-based drinks, juices, and more.

Culinary Products: An array of sauces, gravies, chutneys, pastes, and marinades, dressings and spreads catering to food service, meat processing, and private labelling for retail chains and FMCG brands.

Natural Colours: A diverse natural food colour portfolio featuring NECOLTM­, NatureHueTM, and ColourSpecksTM derived from plant pigments, suitable for various applications including baked goods, confectionery, dairy, beverage, snacks, sauces and dips, meat and meat products.

Plant-based Products: An innovative line of plant-based meat alternatives, dairy replacements, cheese substitutes, and ready-to-cook meals for quick-service restaurants and private labelling.

Cuisinary (Food service arm of Symega): A wide selection of seasonings, sprinklers, cooking sauces, mayonnaise & dressings, culinary pastes, marinades, flavour burst, breaders and coatings, spice blends and powders, whole spices, gravy solutions, and plant-based food and beverages for hotels, restaurants, caterers and quick-service restaurants.

According to Bhattacharyya, Symega's products and services are designed to effectively address current industry challenges and align with prevailing trends in the food and beverage sector. She emphasized their strong commitment to sustainability, nutritional enrichment, product quality, clean-label ingredients, and market feasibility, all of which are pillars of their product development.

Symega at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Symega Food Ingredients eagerly awaits participating in the Gulfood Manufacturing event, scheduled for 7 to 9 November 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The company is looking forward to showcasing its ground-breaking 'Instant Millet Powder' at the event. This innovative product offers several key advantages such as sustainability, nutritional enrichment, superior quality and market feasibility that set it apart. The product secured the prestigious 'Most Voted Innovative Product' Award at Fi India 2023.

Bhattacharyya explains, "It is a ground-breaking innovation with its unmatched convenience, clean taste, exceptional taste yet high nutritional value, the versatility of applications – creamers, premixes, chocolate, chocolate spreads and beverages, and easy adaptability for mass scale industries with their existing equipment and capabilities. Symega's visionary team with patented technology has harmoniously converged to create a product that epitomizes sustainability and culinary ingenuity."

The brand's participation at Gulfood Manufacturing is poised to be a grand showcase of its diverse offerings, including an array of seasonings for snacks, an assortment of flavours, natural colours in both liquid and powder forms, culinary products like tikka masala gravy and schezwan sauce, and a range of plant-based solutions.

Bhattacharyya mentioned that platforms like Gulfood Manufacturing play a crucial role in Symega's journey, offering opportunities for networking, exposure, innovation, and knowledge exchange. As they look forward to the event, Symega aims to increase brand visibility, expand their network, explore collaboration prospects, and present their pioneering product range to an international audience.

Meet Symega at Gulfood Manufacturing

Visitors to the event can expect a warm reception from the Symega team, who will be eager to discuss their innovative food ingredient solutions and explore ways to align with their business goals. Bhattacharyya invites everyone to their stall and says, "Whether you are looking for sustainability-driven solutions, nutritional enrichment, or superior quality ingredients, we have something special to offer everyone. Join us in our commitment to culinary ingenuity; together, we can create exceptional food products that cater to the evolving demands of the market."

Symega is eager to meet you at Hall No T-12, The Pavilion, Dubai World Trade Centre. They aim to share insights, showcase their commitment to transforming the food and beverage industry through innovative products and services, and explore potential collaborations that drive innovation and success in the food and beverage industry.

With their eye on the future and a passion for culinary excellence, Symega Food Ingredients continues to make significant strides in redefining the sensory experiences of consumers around the globe!

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