Transforming ideas into tangible realities: The journey of Paradigm and Zen

Atul Ganediwala, Managing Director of Paradigm, at their booth during the ANUTEC- International FoodTec India event in Mumbai
Atul Ganediwala, Managing Director of Paradigm, at their booth during the ANUTEC- International FoodTec India event in Mumbai

With over 25 years of experience, Paradigm and Zen (sister companies) have established themselves as leaders in plant setup, design and engineering, food technical and regulatory support, and business excellence services. Their ability to provide in-house, comprehensive solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction have made them synonymous with excellence in the industry.

Paradigm and Zen believe in fostering long-term relationships by consistently adding value to customers. Offering a wide array of services under one roof, they take a holistic approach to meet client's needs, from ideation to setting up plants, operating at global competitiveness and standards. Both companies have emerged as leaders in setting up, designing and engineering plants in various sectors.

In an exclusive interview with Atul Ganediwala, Managing Director, Paradigm, at the recently concluded trade show ANUTEC- International FoodTec India in Mumbai, we delved into their journey, business model, role in India's food and beverage processing industry, and their recent participation in the ANUTEC exhibition.

Understanding global customer needs

According to Atul Ganediwala, Paradigm and Zen are known for their ability to understand customer needs on a global scale. He stated, "Catering to diverse sectors, including FMCG, Food Processing, Pharma, Ayurveda, Chemical, and related domains, both firms have dedicated themselves to providing customers with exceptional workmanship and professional integrity."

With a team of 110 technocrats and engineers across 11 departments, Paradigm and Zen have consistently delivered to meet customer expectations. He added, "We provide services for areas required to set up and improve the manufacturing plant viz - process engineering, technology, architectural, structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical plumbing), HVAC, food technical, regulatory advisory and operational excellence tools."

Having worked with over 500+ clients, including leading Indian brands and exporters, as well as major companies and top brands in the FMCG and Pharma industries, Paradigm and Zen have garnered repeat engagements, he said.

Driving India's competitiveness

India's food and beverage processing and packaging industry is on an upward trajectory, and Paradigm and Zen are at the forefront of this growth. Atul emphasized, "India is emerging as a global power, spearheading developments in various sectors, including the food, beverage, pharma and packaging industry. India is continually upgrading its capacities to meet both domestic and global demands. We constantly strive to improve and enhance our global competitiveness by emphasizing food safety from farm-to-fork, cultivating a zero-defect culture, and improving operational efficiencies." 

With over two decades of experience, they have played a pivotal role in shaping the industry by implementing these best practices and initiatives.

Showcasing excellence at ANUTEC

At the recently concluded ANUTEC exhibition, Paradigm and Zen showcased their expertise in three key areas:

  • Plant Setup: They provide end-to-end plant design and engineering solutions, ensuring smooth project execution. This includes process engg., technology selection, complete Civil, Electrical, Utility (MEP), HVAC, instrumentation design, procurement, and project management support.

  • Technical and Regulatory: With a focus on meeting global standards, they offer training and expertise in food safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Operational Excellence: They help clients improve productivity, yields, and savings through various techniques and tools.

ANUTEC: A platform for growth

Participating in platforms like ANUTEC allows companies to connect with industry leaders and emerging players, explore opportunities, and source cutting-edge technology. Paradigm and Zen leverage this platform to explore opportunities and collaborate with industry peers. Atul shared his experience, saying, "ANUTEC is globally recognized, one of the oldest, most reputed, and trusted platforms where both existing and emerging players in the industry come to seek solutions and ideas for expansion and improvement. Our participation greatly helps identify opportunities and offer possibilities for sourcing technology."

Atul articulated that their primary participation objective was to engage with existing customers for feedback and introduce new offerings. Additionally, they aimed to connect with new potential customers, understand the challenges faced by the industry, and determine the necessary support required. He emphasized, "We must continue our efforts to serve the industry and continually strive to achieve total customer satisfaction."

He said their success at ANUTEC is gauged by initiating new projects and partnerships with existing and potential clients. Valuable feedback from the industry is used to enhance their offerings further. He was quite happy with the response at their ANUTEC booth and shared, "It was quite encouraging and positive. They were generally happy to see us and understand what we have to offer. In many instances, they were looking for - what we have to offer."

Paradigm and Zen's vision for the future is clear: to continue supporting the Indian Food and Pharma industry in becoming globally competitive. They plan to expand their geographical reach to the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets, ensuring their legacy of excellence continues growing.

The journey of Paradigm and Zen is a remarkable tale of turning ideas into realities and their role in propelling India's food and pharma industry to new heights. With a commitment to excellence, a comprehensive range of services, and a vision for the future, they are poised to continue their leadership in the industry and make a lasting impact on the global stage.

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