Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar endorsed PBFIA's 'Dawn of a Plant-Based' Conference at AAHAR 2023

Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar endorsed PBFIA's 'Dawn of a Plant-Based' Conference at AAHAR 2023
Photo - PBFIA

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) & India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) presented the Dawn of a Plant-Based Age Conference, organized by the Plant-Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) and PHD Chamber, supported by Franchise India, powered by US-SOY, Ernst & Young (EY) as Knowledge Partner, Brenntag as the Principal Sponsor, and endorsed by the Government of Canada.

The conference was graced and inaugurated by Narendra Singh Tomar, union minister - Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, as the Chief Guest.

While addressing the gathering, Narendra Tomar emphasized the importance of plant-based food and assured that the Ministry of Agriculture will consider this aspect in its upcoming plans. He congratulated PBFIA and Sanjay Sethi, along with the other partners for organizing the great conference. He also requested Sudhanshu to check where the plant-based milk-related regulations are stuck. He also talked about regenerative agriculture, intercropping, soybean, and millet.

Narendra Singh Tomar, union minister - Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare
Narendra Singh Tomar, union minister - Agriculture & Farmers' WelfarePhoto - PBFIA

Plant-based foods, are those that replace animal-based foods/ingredients, such as plant-based meat, plant-based dairy, plant-based eggs, and plant-based seafood. The conference took place in Hall no. 8, in Pragati Maidan, on 14th March, on the 1st day of AAHAR, and was attended by the top minds of the industry.

Sanjay Sethi, executive director, PBFIA, said, "India has the potential to become a major supplier of plant-based proteins globally, and the Dawn of a Plant-Based Age conference is an important step towards realizing that potential by initiating dialogue on implementing the Bhiwadi Plant Protein Cluster, sourcing human-grade soybean (the most important ingredient of the industry), achieving the right flavors of plant-based meat, and attracting investors. The plant-based dairy industry needs support on the nomenclature front to expand the market and enhance consumer awareness. We are very grateful to minister Narendra Singh Tomar for showing his immense support for the plant-based movement and PBFIA. It was incredible to see so many experts and stakeholders in the first-ever culmination of the present and future food industry to move towards a sustainable future for all."

Photo - PBFIA

The event witnessed a PBFIA and Ernst & Young (EY) report launch, by Sudhanshu, secretary, APEDA, a session with members of parliament, around 11 sessions on various plant-based food topics, the launch of an India Accelerator Program by PBFIA and Brinc India, by Sanjay Sethi and Karan Keswani, tastings by 25+ plant-based foods brand and launch of the PBFIA Plant Based Pavilion.

As the world faces the challenges of climate change, food insecurity, and ethical concerns related to animal agriculture, it is crucial for India to fully embrace and invest in this growing industry.

Plant-Based Foods, are those that replace animal-based foods/ingredients, such as plant-based meat, plant-based dairy, plant-based eggs, and plant-based seafood. The Dawn of a Plant-Based Age suggests that this is a relatively new phenomenon that is just beginning to gain momentum. However, it also suggests that this shift is likely to continue and become more prominently widespread as more people embrace plant-based foods and the benefits they offer.

Photo - PBFIA

To cater to the plant-based foods market and offer the exact meaty taste at an affordable price, we must now start the work on the supply chain side. Utilizing superior-grade raw materials like US soybeans and enhancing plant-based food processing can make India penetrate the export market. The first step is procuring raw materials such as human-grade soybeans, which inherently possess higher protein content, lower oligosaccharides, and have no beany off-taste. Certain approaches, which include the cluster strategy, can aid in the development of efficient and cost-effective sources of supply, positioning the country as a major supplier of plant-based proteins globally, such as the announcement of one such plant protein cluster in Bhiwadi by PBFIA.

The conference was sponsored by Right to Protein, AAK, Ahimsa VC, Brinc, Continental Greenbird, So Good, Unibourne, Nourish You, Greenest, Symrise, Vezlay Foods, Wakao Foods, Le Meridien (New Delhi), Krystal Ventures, Innovation Asia, Veganta, Indian Culinary Forum, International Institute of Hotel Management – Delhi (IIHM), AgPulse Analytica, Sanitech Engineers, Vegan First, Roquette, Rishiraj Nutra Foods, Fair Exports (India), JBT and Innova Market Insights.

Organizations displaying their plant-based products and solutions include Vezlay Foods, Alt Foods, Blue Tribe Foods, Continental Greenbird, Shaka Harry, Wakao Foods, UniBourne Food Ingredients, Nourish You, Alimento Agro Foods, Azista Industries, Grabenord, Marine Hydrocolloids, Nutricircle, So Good, Vista Foods, Seaspire, Hello Tempayy, Innobliss Solution, The Cone Company, OMG Labs, UEngage, Urja Protein India, Taj Group of Companies, Multivac Laron India, Born Reborn, Dancing Cow, Mangat Ram Dal Mill, Bajo Foods, QOOT Food, Tora Creations, Thee Packaging Company, Welkin Foods, Mother’s Kitchen, Loving Hut Vegan Paradise, Zoipreet Enterprise, WhiteCub, PFC Foods, Plant Power, Jinie.

Overall, the Dawn of a Plant-Based Age conference provided a platform for stakeholders from different sectors to come together, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities to promote the plant-based food industry in India. The endorsement of the conference by the union agriculture minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, highlights the government's recognition of the potential of the plant-based food industry to contribute to the country's growth and sustainability goals.

"We must cultivate, develop, and mainstream the plant-based foods industry to assist India to attain the Net Zero Carbon Emissions objective by 2070, move closer to the Sustainable Development Goals, and ensure food and nutritional security," adds Tomar.

The 2nd Plant-Based Foods Summit on 25th May 2023 in Le Meridian, New Delhi, is another great opportunity coming your way. So, join us in this conversation towards a more sustainable future. Register here for the summit: https://tinyurl.com/SecondPBFS

Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) is an apex, CEO-led body with 100 members in 1 year of its formation. PBFIA supports the development of a robust ecosystem for the plant-based foods industry in India through strategic collaborations, by the creation of networks between stakeholders, facilitating research to enhance the capabilities of the sector, pushing for positive policy-making and dissemination of key trends and information in the interest of its members. 

For Further information, please contact Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director of Plant Based Foods Industry Association at +91 9004777119 or +91 6383510538 and sanjay.sethi@pbfia.org.

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