VERIPACK ILPRA Group set to showcase packaging excellence at PackEx 2023

Meet and explore their packaging innovations at Booth No 46, Hall No 2 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai
VERIPACK ILPRA Group set to showcase packaging excellence at PackEx 2023

VERIPACK ILPRA Group’s wholly-owned Indian subsidiary has been in operation for over a decade. The parent group, headquartered in Italy, boasts over 70 years of expertise in thermoforming packaging machines, tray-sealing packaging machines, form-fill-seal packaging machines, flexible packaging machines, and end-of-line automation solutions.

Discussing the company, Makdum Jahan, country manager and director at VERIPACK ILPRA Group India subsidiary, commented, "Our state-of-the-art packaging machinery can produce various packaging formats, including Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), vacuum packaging, and skin packaging, all of which contribute to enhancing the shelf life, safety, and visual appeal of food products."

In India, Veripack has established a robust presence in key and rapidly growing segments, including ethnic sweets (mithai) and snacks (namkeens), ready-to-eat shelf-stable foods, dairy products, bakery items, fresh-cut fruits, and vegetables, among others. "Currently, India stands as our top-priority focus market on a global scale," emphasized Makdum.

MAP packaging and commitment to quality and speed

Makdum stated that Veripack enjoys a prominent position in the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) segment, showcasing excellence in providing world-class, gold-standard packaging machines. He elaborated, "Our clientele primarily consists of leading manufacturers in the ethnic mithai and namkeen industry who prioritize top-tier packaging safety, speed, and zero downtime. They refuse to compromise on product packaging quality and are committed to providing the best experience for their end-users."

He further disclosed, "In recent months, we successfully installed the world's fastest tray sealer and finalized one of biggest & most sophisticated thermoforming machine in India, where speed, precision, accuracy, and uninterrupted operations with zero downtime were of paramount importance. We are committed to continuously bringing world-class packaging machines and supporting them with top-notch customer services."

R&D and innovation

VERIPACK ILPRA Group has consistently invested in R&D and innovation programs over the years. Makdum added, "We take pride in our role as a major player in the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) segments. We introduced the first tray sealer in 1955, the first MAP tray sealer in 1980, the first thermoforming machine in 1970, and developed the first skin pack machine within our premises."

He believes that none of these accomplishments would have been possible without their unwavering commitment to ongoing research and innovation programs, which are an integral part of life at VERIPACK ILPRA Group companies.

VERIPACK ILPRA Group at PackEx 2023

VERIPACK ILPRA Group will be actively involved in the PackEx exhibition taking place from September 7 to 9 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. During this event, the company will prominently feature the globally acclaimed and top-selling MAP Tray Sealer machine, the Foodpack Speedy machine. Furthermore, visitors can explore an array of other compact, and efficient MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) machines on display.

Discussing the unique selling points (USP) of the products showcased, Makdum remarked, "Our globally highest-selling MAP Tray Sealer machine, the Foodpack Speedy model, sets the gold standard in its category. It boasts distinctive features such as precise tray movement for sealing, patented ProGas MAP technoloy that guarantee significant utility savings and enhance sustainability, and self-diagnostic systems, among others. Additionally, our MAP Table Top and stand-alone models are currently the top-selling models and represent the gold standard in their respective categories."

A proven platform for business success

Discussing their expectations for the trade show in achieving their business objectives, Makdum stated, "Koelnmesse is globally recognized as a leader in trade shows and exhibitions, and we always participated in other Koelnmesse shows worldwide, such as Anuga Foodtec and Cibustec. Such platforms, managed by global companies like Koelnmesse, possess the marketing expertise to attract industry leaders, ensure high-quality attendees, and more. Our past participation in such events has consistently enabled us to connect with our valued customer partners, share new innovations, tap into our technical expertise from our headquarters and other countries, and ultimately, contribute to our business and brand-building goals."

He added, "Our aim is to guarantee participation from the right industry segments, attract quality visitors, and create the best and safest exhibiting experience, all of which will ensure that we can derive value from our participation."

Join us at PackEx

Makdum takes pleasure in inviting everyone to their booth at PackEx, saying, "We offer globally proven packaging machinery solutions with a robust customer base in India. Our subsidiary office is professionally managed, providing the best local customer support. We encourage you to visit us and discover our innovative packaging machinery solutions, which can help food companies ensure the safe packaging of their products and delight their end customers."

Moreover, key sales & product managers from VERIPACK ILPRA Group’s headquarters in Italy, renowned for their extensive expertise in packaging machines, materials, and their wide-ranging applications, will be present at the event. Makdum added, "Our philosophy is rooted in sharing valuable insights, thoroughly understanding our customers' needs, and delivering top-notch solutions that enable our clients to maintain a competitive edge and expand their product reach into broader and more distant markets."

Vision for the future

Makdum  discussed the group’s future vision and shared, "Today, we are a listed company in Italy, part of one of the oldest and most renowned packaging machinery groups in Europe. We are experiencing rapid growth in packaging machinery industry, driven by both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions of complementary packaging technologies companies-  MACS SRL, Pentavac SRL, IDM Automation SRL – exciting products for markets in India." According to Makdum,  the company has ambitious plans for the Indian market to introduce a broader range of innovative packaging machines to delight its end users and customer partners. "Our commitment is for the long term, as we aim to provide the best solutions by comprehensively understanding the unique needs of our valued customers and delivering excellence," he concluded.

Veripack's team of experts is excited to meet and warmly welcome all visitors at Booth No 46, Hall No 2, during PackEx from September 7 to 9 at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. They look forward to your presence and engaging discussions during this event.

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Veripack Solutions India

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